Hi. I’m Rare289. I’m a big anime fan and love to watch and talk about different animes, whether old or new. On this blog, I hope to share my feelings and review certain animes, manga, and games, and discuss interesting news that happens in the anime world.

While I do like most animes, I prefer romance, reverse harem, action, comedy, mystery, fantasy, and yaoi animes. As well, I normally don’t like animes in the mecha, harem, or horror genre, but occasionally I find ones that I really enjoy.

I also like playing games and visual novels that have a anime-like style. For example, I’m currently investing my life into Mystic Messenger, a dating sim visual novel, so I’ll probably talk about my experiences with the game later on.

Well no matter whether it’s anime, manga, or games, I hope we can all have fun talking about any kind of anime-related topic together! And if there’s any complaints as to what I post or say, remember that it’s my own opinion and you are free to disagree if you want. And here’s my other answer:   img_9313


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