Yuri on Ice!!! English Dub Review

Hello Everybody!! I’m back again, and I’m going to share my thoughts on the Yuri on Ice!! dub. Now to be honest, I have been putting this off for a few reasons: 1) I’m tired 2) mid-June to early August was just insane for me and my family and 3) I wasn’t sure how to write a review for it since I already reviewed the show as a whole before and I don’t want to do it again. So, I’m just going to go over some of the good and bad aspects that this dub brings to the table. This review shouldn’t have any big spoilers for the show, and if you want to hear my review on the show, click on this link. Anyway, let’s get started.


This dub was done by Funimation, so you expect their usual cast of voice actors to be here. What I have noticed for this dub in particular, is that it drives people into two different categories: those that love the original and hate the dub, or those that love the original and like the dub. I fall into the latter camp, and I really don’t mind the different accents used  in the dub and I think overall the casting choices were pretty good. The most notable voices that I can recall are

Jeremy Inman’s(JJ Leroy) – Honestly he really fit his role well and while the Miyano performance is still more memorable, Inman did a really good job with this character.


Joel McDonald’s (Phichit) – While I don’t think he got the accent, his voice fit perfectly with Phichit’s mannerisms, so it made his performance very believable.


Chris Sabat’s (Christophe Giacometti) – Definitely a role I was not expecting for Sabat, but I absolutely loved his performance. It honestly sounds like he was just having fun in the recording both when it came to Chris’s more erotic lines.


And I still stand by what I said in my first impressions post on this series in that, I still liked the dub voices for Yuri, Victor and Yurio. While it may take a while to get used to, their voices fit the characters nice enough to be believable. Honestly, out of the three, it did take me longer to get used to Yuri’s voice, but it did fit his mannerisms so I was okay with it. Now that is not to say that Victor and Yurio’s Russian accents were absolutely spot on, but as someone who lives in Texas, I understand that getting any accent completely perfect is impossible. As well, the accents really aren’t that bad and bring about a bit more silliness then the Japanese version.


Now does that mean I think the dub was perfect: No. If you want my opinion on which version of the show is better, it would definitely be the Japanese version. While both versions do a pretty good job conveying emotion, there were certain scenes that were better portrayed emotionally in the Japanese then in the English dub. An example would be in episode 10, when Yuri is drunk and “Be my coach, Victor!!”. While both versions were still cute, I think the English dub tried too hard to make Yuri sound drunk and missed out on a more emotional scene. This can also be an example of when the silliness in the dub can lessen the emotional impact of certain scenes.

Another thing would be that while most of the voices sounded alright, some of them don’t feel quite right to me, but they play such small roles and rarely hear them that I honestly don’t worry about it. If I had to say though, probably Minami and the triplets had some lackluster performances.


So, overall, the dub is still good. Will you miss anything by not watching it? No. Is it so cringy that you should stay away from it? No. Is it still a decent dub? Yes. The dub can be found in small clips all over Youtube and you can watch officially on Funimation. Please comment below whether or not you like dub, and why you like or dislike the dub. Thank you guys and I hope to see you again next time


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