Kado: The Right Answer Review (Theories included)

Hello, guys!! Here I am with a review of the Spring 2017 anime, Kado: The Right Answer. While I will be writing a quick summary of the show, I do ask that you please watch the series before reading the review as I will be spoiling quite a few things (especially the ending). I will be discussing the characters, the animation ,the execution and enjoyability. I also have an interesting little surprise at the end of the review, so if you want to check that out too, I would really appreciate it. With that said, let’s get started.



While on a plane, Shindo, a Japanese negotiator and our main character, and his partner/friend Hanamori are absorbed into a huge cube object called Kado. Inside the cube, a being named Yahakui zaShunina reveals himself and says he wants to help advance humanity to their full potential. It is up to Shindo to help negotiate terms between the anisotropic being and the Japanese government, as well as the rest of the world.


As mentioned before, I will be discussing the characters, animation, execution, and enjoyability. I will score each section and then that will factor into the overall score of the show.


This show is very good and that mostly comes down to it’s characters and their interactions with each other. However, there were some characters that could have been alot better had they been written better or just not been there at all. Once again, I will be spoiling stuff, so this is your final warning to jump ship if you haven’t watched the series yet. So let’s start off with our leads.


First up is Shindo Koujirou. While he himself is not too interesting, it is his interactions with the people around him that improves his overall character. As well, with the way he thinks and tries to solve issues to help benefit both parties, which helped make the story very interesting when he had to find a way to where Wam could be shared with the whole world, despite attempts for the UN to take them away. I wish we could have got more backstory as to why he thinks in this manner, but he was still a really good character overall.


Next, we have Yahakui zaShunina, who happens to be my favorite character! Not only is his design beautiful, but he has this very mysterious, otherworldly aura around him for most of the show(get into that a bit later), which helps when he is supposed to be an otherworldly being. His feelings do seem genuine when wanting to help humanity. While he does do the whole “person in a completely different world” thing, he does it so gracefully that it is believable and sometimes really cute. Examples of this include when he goes to the festival or uses the phone. What impressed me the most was his conversations with Shindo. While Shindo would usually help zaShunina get his way, he would also argue with zaShunina when he asked for too much or berate him when he did something that was not good. I will talk later about his personality change later, but yeah, I really love zaShunina to the point where I cosplayed him!


Now we have Tsukai Saraka. Ok, I’m not gonna lie, but I really, really don’t like this girl. At all. This honestly is probably more to due how she was written and the message that she supported, but I really can’t stand her. I will spoil this part in that it turns out she is actually an anisotropic being, who wants zaShunina to leave since she wants him to leave humanity alone so they can advance naturally. Now, this isn’t a bad idea, and I will talk about what I think should have happened later, but I just really couldn’t stand her by the end of the show. If I make an top 10 anime characters I hate from 2017, she is definitely going on it.


Next up is Hanamori Shun. This guy is our comic relief and he is absolutely adorable!! I loved his character all throughout the series and out of all the characters that see you most often, he probably is the one that stays the most true to his character to the very end. He is the kind of comic relief this show needs, as he was able to help alleviate some of the tension, but not in a way that made him feel out of place. The same can’t be said with our last character.


And our last notable character is Shinawa Kanata. Even though I can’t stand Tsukai, she at least fits in this universe. Shinawa feels like she was supposed to be a character for a different series entirely, but accidentally walked into the wrong set. Honestly, if anyone should have been the other anisotropic being, it should have been this character. No matter how serious the show got, this girl would show up and create an entirely different feel, which was not a very appreciated feeling.

There were other characters, but they weren’t as interesting as these 5, but they were also alright as characters. So with that said, I give Kado a 3.8/5 in the character department, as they were able to create a very interesting atmosphere with these characters, even if some were used very badly.



If there was one thing that I could say this show got pretty much 100% right, it would be with its animation. Now it has a blend of regular 2D and 3D CGI animation, which in any other circumstance would be a total mess of show. But not only did it work, it looked absolutely gorgeous. I know there’s people that complain about how sometimes it looks wonky in other shots or it doesn’t blend well in certain scenes, but I really never saw that. Besides having to take a few moments to recover from episode 0 going from regular 2D straight to CGI by the end, I really liked how well the animation and this should definitely be a contender for best animation of the year! So with that said, I have to give Kado a 5/5 for its animation!


Story Execution:

Ok. This is where I’m going to be complaining/ranting quite a bit, so just warning you guys. Now for episodes 0-8, I have nothing to complain about and each of these episodes made me want to know more and more. But, as many fans will say, around episode 9 is where it just starts going in a completely different direction. This starts off with zaShunina trying to kill Shindo, Shindo gets saved by Tsukai who reveals she is an anisotropic being, Shindo almost dies, Tsukai heals him, they fall in love(for some reason), they try to stop zaShunina, zaShunina kills Shindo, Shindo and Tsukai’s love child comes and kicks zaShunina’s butt, and then she goes off somewhere leaving humanity to advance on their own.

Did you get all that? Then you understand how insane this ending was. This ending caused many people to fall into 3 different groups: They hated it, They loved it, or They were disappointed, but it was alright. I fall into the latter camp, as I had other ideas as to how this could of turned out, which I’ll explain in a bit, but I’ve seen worse endings. But I can understand why people hate this ending. This show look liked it was going to be a revolution of what we usually see in anime, but it takes all that suspense and seriousness and tosses it over the fence for the normal tropes we see, such as the main male lead and female lead falling for each other and the magical girl trope.

Especially when it comes down to romance between Shindo and Tsukai, honestly there was no chemistry! I feel like Shindo was just grateful for Tsukai for saving him, but besides that they barely had any interaction with each other besides going to see her parents and even then that wasn’t considered a date. It was more likely that Shindo would end up with Hanamori then Tsukai (BTW totally ship Shindo with zaShunina).

The other problem is that the ending heavily implied that Tsukai’s way was “the right answer” and zaShunina was wrong. The truth is both had the positives and negatives to their arguments and it would have been fine to explore both, but the show just makes it look like zaShunina was the bad guy when, prior to episode 9, zaShunina displayed no intention of harming humans. Even Tsukai, who first says many humans would die if they were taken to the anisotropic, then says the more humans interact with the gifts that zaShunina brings the more likely they are to survive the conversion. So why is it so bad for humans to at least try and go to this otherworldly place. Not to mention, she says that zaShunina is forcing his opinion on everyone, but she does the same thing!!!

Honestly if this show could have gotten a second season, this probably wouldn’t have happened. And I have two ideas as to how it should have ended:

  1. Tsukai is a pure human. No superpowers or anything. She can keep her views, but she then joins other humans that agree with her point of view to try and kick zaShunina out. I mean, come on there had to be other humans that didn’t like zaShunina, that’s just how the world is. She brings the group some Wam that helps power a weapon that causes alot of chaos. This causes many to question whether or not all these advancements are worth it, so now zaShunina and Shindo must find a way to either get rid of all these advancements or make it safer so less people are harmed. zaShunina also sees the destruction caused and gains more human emotions and begins to question if this was a good idea.
  2. Tsukai can still be a anisotropic being, but Shindo realizes both her and zaShunina have ups and downs to their plan. Shindo then negotiates that one human should try and go to the anisotropic and see if its really dangerous. Shinawa volunteers since she has the most understanding of the anisotropic out of anyway, besides maybe Shindo. She goes there and comes back with all the information she has learned. It is then decided that those that want to go to the anisotropic can go and those that don’t wish to can stay and live on Earth. Tsukai then agrees to be the Earth’s protector while zaShunina agrees to travel between both the Earth and the anisotropic so he can interact with all the Earth has to offer and share his findings with the anisotropic. Humans would also have free reign to go between both places as well.

So with my ranting done, I have to give the Kado a 2.9/5 for execution. The ending was very poorly done, but it’s still not the worst thing I’ve ever seen. The other part is if I have to look at the whole story, not just the ending and 2/3’s of the story was absolutely perfect. If only the ending could have been better!!


Now you may be thinking, since I ranted so much about the ending to the show that I would say it is unwatchable. And you would be wrong. I still think this deserves recognition for what it was trying to achieve and I still want to recommend this to other people. Is this a show for everybody? No, but you should still give it a chance. I would say that if after episode 3 you don’t like it, then this show may not be for you. But as for me, I had a great time with this and I can see myself watching this again. If I had to compare it, it would be like riding a rollercoaster I had never been on before and it was all amazing until the last part when we ended up stuck hanging upside down on the ride due to a malfunction. And even after that, I still want to go on it next time.

Also, for those wondering about the dub, I honestly liked it!! It holds up just as well as the sub and has excellent casting choices. My favorite would have to be Shindo, Hanamori, and especially zaShunina!! Ian Moore, Kyle Igneczi and Jason Liebrecht, respectively, did excellent jobs and were absolutely perfect for there roles. I’m not going to do a complete review for it, because its overall very good and not much I can say on it besides that. If I had any complaint, sometimes Tsukai’s voice would lack emotion at some points or wouldn’t be very believable, but she wasn’t bad either.

So for enjoyability, I have to judge it based on the entire show so I give Kado 4/5.


In Conclusion:

I still highly recommend Kado: The Right Answer, but it definitely has its flaws especially towards the end. I wish they would have explored more about zaShunina gaining human emotion, rather than it looking like he turned into some yandere teenager. So with all the scores given, I give Kado: The Right Answer a 3.1/5. I think many fans of this show can agree that it could have been great, but it definitely jumped over the shark with that ending. If you want to give this show a chance, please watch it on Crunchyroll for the Eng Sub and Funimation for the Eng Dub. So anyway, please comment below on what your thoughts were on Kado: The Right Answer. Also, comment on if you liked either of the theories I had for the ending, or if you have your own ideas for the ending. Anyway, thank you guys for reading and I hope you are able to find your own way to do what you want!

If you have kept reading then congrats, I give you a crack video I made for Kado: The Right Answer. I hope you guys enjoy!





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  1. I’m with you in the end. I really hated the ending at first and then I got some distance from it and watched it through again and realised what I hated was how disappointed I was and the ending itself was actually not that terrible, it just wasn’t very good.

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