Black Butler Book of Atlantic Movie, Here I Come!!

Hey everybody! So yeah I will be going to the Black Butler Book of Atlantic Movie, which is coming out on June 12th and June 14th. Not only is this right after A-kon, but its coming out when me and my family will be in San Diego, California for a short vacation, so I will be watching both the subbed and dubbed versions while I am there. And dragging either my dad or my brother, so that will be fun! I will also try and cosplay Sebastian one of the days I go, so I’m super excited for this movie, but that’s not the only reason why.

Black Butler Book of Atlantic is going to be covering one of my favorite arcs in the entire series. Not only does this arc have zombies, it has the return of amazing characters, like Sebastian, Ciel, Grell and Undertaker, and gives us an introduction into newer characters, such Ronald Knox and Snake. We even get more details on characters that have been very minor overall, which is Elizabeth. Trust me, she is so cool in this arc! While I’m trying not to spoil anything, I’m super excited to see Undertaker as he is voiced by Junichi Suwabe and his character does go through a transformation so I’m excited to see how the voice changes when it happens. Not to mention, the flashback that shows how Ciel and Sebastian first met and how they first interacted with each other was how I got introduced to Black Butler so seeing this animated will be so much fun for me!!

So yeah, I’m super excited to see this movie and if you are going to see this movie, comment below on what your excited for! And if you are seeing it in the San Diego area, who knows, maybe we’ll be in the same theater. Thanks for reading guys and I’ll see you guys in another post.


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