A-kon 28, Here I come!!

*I don’t own any of the pictures used.

Hey everybody. Again, sorry I’ve been gone for so long, but with finishing school I wanted to relax. But then I decided to make an AMV for a contest, then I had to help cut clips for some panels that I’m helping with and I’ve been so busy and tired. But now I should be back for awhile. I’ll probably be posting some stuff over the course of a few days so be prepared!!

So first things first, I’m attending A-kon 28, which is being held in Fort Worth, Texas and I’ll be there from Thursday to late Saturday. I don’t know if anybody lives around there or is attending the convention, but I thought I would let people know. I’ll be going as three different characters.

On Thursday I’ll be Jyugo from Nanbaka:


Then on Friday I’ll be Usami Akihiko, also known as Usagi-san, from Junjo Romantica(My friend also agreed to cosplay Misaki, so we will probably be together for most of the con):


And then on Saturday, I’ll either be Yaha-kui zaShunina from Kado: The Right Answer:

yahakui zaShunina

Or Sebastian from Black Butler.


I just don’t know if my Yaha-kui cosplay will be delivered in time so in case I’ll probably wear Sebastian if I don’t get it on time.

But yeah, I have no idea if anybody will be going to this convention, but if you happen to see one of the cosplay above and think it might be me, don’t be afraid to ask and come hang out. I’ll also be filming a few panels and v-loging the 3 days I will be attending.

I’m also going to a couple other things these next couple of weeks, but I’ll post that up later. Just to let you guys know, I do have a summer class that starts next week and will not end until early July, so I’ll still have some school stuff, but it should not be too bad. Thanks again for sticking with me and I hope to be able to deliver more content soon!


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