Uta No Prince Sama : Maji Love Legend Star Review

Hey everyone, and welcome to my first ever anime series review. For this review, we are going to be talking about the fourth season to Uta No Prince Sama, Uta No Prince Sama : Maji Love Legend Star! I do plan to do reviews for the previous seasons, but since this premiered in the fall and is fresh in my memory I decided to review this first. This review will more than likely have some spoilers in it, but I will try not to spoil too much. Just warning you in case though. I will be giving a quick summary of the season, review the season, give quick reviews of each episode and say which ones were the best and worst and ending with my overall rating for this show, based on overall enjoyment, animation, music and story. So with that out of the way, let’s get started.



This fourth installment of the Uta No Prince Sama series continues from the ending of season 3, where HEAVENS crashed the concert battle between STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT, which was to decide who would be singing in the Triple S event opening ceremony. The rest of the season follows each band working to try and win the deciding concert, with QUARTET NIGHT learning to be a true idol group and STARISH and HEAVENS learning more about each other and transforming their rivalry far more than expected.



Overall, this season was honestly very enjoyable. With how honestly bland the 3rd season was, this season felt very fresh and allowed for fans to learn more about both old and new characters. It also helped that the situations that most of the boys went through are also relatable and interesting, as the situations usually also correlated with how the characters felt, their personalities, or allowed the audience to learn more about their past. Because of this, the characters gained back the personalities I thought they lost back in the previous season, and that is honestly the main part that continues to bring me back to this series. I absolutely love these characters, and with the interactions with the new characters and the return of their original and fun personlities, it made this season just that much better. Out of 10, I give enjoyability a 9.

As for animation, for the most part it was also really good. The opening was absolutely gorgeous in my opinion and fit really well with the song, which was once again sung by Mamoru Miyano. As well, almost all of the songs for this season were animated beautifully, even the last songs, which also had some CGI but it was much improved from the last season. However, by the end it was obvious that the series was running on a fairly low budget. Normally, UtaPri is known for their beautiful animation for STARISH’s final song, but the animation was so bad that sometimes the CGI looked better than the animation. It is because of this that for animation, I give it a 8 out of 10.

Now for music. This category is special as UtaPri is an idol show, and thus will have alot of music, and is another big part of why I love and continue to come back to this series. For this season, the music was absolutely amazing and one of the reasons of why I enjoyed this season so much. All the songs were great in their own ways, and matched perfectly with the character’s personalities, and emotions in some cases. The songs also ranged differently in tone, as one could be catchy and fun, while the another one can be emotional and peaceful. And, as I said before, the animation for each song was amazing. This also includes the opening, which sounded amazing and fit really well with the tone of this series, and the ending was also nice and fun, although Maji Love 2000% is still my favorite. So for this category, I give music a 9 out of 10.

And lastly, we have to talk about the story for season, and how it affects the overall plot. The thing about UtaPri is that, to me at least, it focuses on two different plots, STARISH growing as idols and their want to form a bigger relationship with Haruka. So for this season, it did indeed help STARISH grow as idols and help them strengthen their bonds as an idol group. It even helped them form better relationships with HEAVENS and taught them more about being an idol. But, this season did not really help in the other plot of the boys’ relationship with Haruka. While I’m glad that Haruka is not tripping, bumping into other people and getting lost all the time, she did not really do much in this season besides create music for the different idol groups. Heck, she didn’t even go with the other members of STARISH in order to get Otoya to come back. So yeah, this season really didn’t progress in the romance department, but it did make significant progress in the idol department. So overall, I give the story a 7 out of 10.


Quick Episode Reviews:

I did do episodic reviews on this show and those are more detailed, so if you haven’t read those yet, please click on the each episode’s number to get to it, if you are interested. But here’s a quick one description of each.

Episode 1:

The boys are back! Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

Episode 2:

Why can’t you all just get along and not eat other people’s bananas.

Episode 3:

Learning to reach new heights and wanting your friends to reach these heights as well.

Episode 4:

Never give up and pass the limits placed on you by others.

Episode 5:

You are not alone in how you feel, so don’t close yourself off.

Episode 6:

Be prepared for the unexpected, and fight back with your own passion.

While I don’t think this was the best episode, the song for this episode was the best and had some really good animation. It also helps that one of the characters, which is Ren, is voiced by Junichi Suwabe.

Episode 7:

Become independent, and be your true self.

I feel that this episode, and another episode further down the list, was the best as we got to learn more about Natsuki and truly get to see him grow from the character we met in season 1.

Episode 8:

Stand up for what you believe in and for what you desire

Episode 9:

The darkness of one’s past can affect the person’s current perception of themselves.

This is the episode that is tied with episode 7 for best episode, as we get to see the internal and emotional struggle that Otoya is going through and learning more about his past.

Episode 10:

You must confront the darkness in your soul, and know there are people who love and understand you.

Episode 11:

Don’t give up on your dreams.

I feel that this is the weakest episode. While it wasn’t bad, it did not have the same energy that I got from the episodes before or after it. Not to mention the song for this episode also was not the best this season has to offer, and the animation for it was also not that good.

Episode 12:

Dare to defy your superiors and compete to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Episode 13:

Whether we win or lose, we will continue to grow stronger for the next time we meet.


In Conclusion:

Overall, this season was an amazingly, fun ride. I do love this season and how it has progressed the plot. I hope that the next season brings the focus back to the romance between STARISH and Haruka, but also gives us more details on the boy’s past, such as Otoya’s dad, maybe bringing in Masato and Syo’s siblings, or even telling us more about Cecil’s cat curse. With that said, I give this season an 8.3/10. If you want to check out this series, all four seasons are available on Crunchyroll and I highly recommend this show to anyone who loves reverse harems, idol bands, or j-pop, and well as good looking anime guys. I hope to see you guys in the next review. UtaPri!


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