Yuri on Ice!! Episode 12 Review (Season FINALE)

Hey everyone! I’m here with the potentially the last episode of Yuri on Ice!! Today is about episode 12, also known as “Gotta Super-Super-Supercharge it! Grand Prix Final Free Skate”. This is the finale of this show, and I will go more in depth as to what I feel about this series in a longer, full review of this show. Also, this review is very much my own opinion and I would love to know what you guys thought about this episode, so please comment below whether your thoughts were different from mine or not. As well, if you are interested in watching this show I suggest to go watch it on Crunchyroll’s website. With that out of the way, let’s get started.



After Yuri tells Victor that he wishes to end their relationship after the Grand Prix Finals, Victor begins to cry, angered by Yuri’s reasons for wanting to end it. They decide to not make any decisions until the end of the finals. The next day, the last round of the Grand Prix Finals begins, starting with JJ, who has a bad start but is able to recover by the end. With some pre-encouragement from Victor, Yuri is able to perform a strong, flawless free skate, which is also able to score higher then Victor’s highest score. Phichit, Otabek and Chris are able to do well in their free skates, but either make mistakes or don’t score well due to their performances not being a high level. Before Yurio is to perform, Victor comes and tells him, and Yakov, that he plans to become a skater once more and that Yuri may retire after the finals. Yurio is upset by Yuri’s decision, so much so that he puts this anger into his performance, which causes a couple mistakes but is overall still beautiful. Once the scores are added up, Yurio won first place, with Yuri taking second, and JJ taking third. Yuri confronts Victor after the ceremony, stating how he wants Victor to be with him when he ¬†wins a gold medal. Victor becomes excited with the news, possibly meaning he will be both a figure skater and a coach in the following year. The show then ends with Yuri, Victor and Yurio meeting up on a bridge, which looks to be in Russia and a ending card saying “see you next level”.



So overall, this episode is a decent way to end this series. While I don’t think it was a perfect ending, it still gives the audience a chance to see most of the characters that we have grown to love get a conclusion to their stories. While more character development would have been appreciated for all of the characters, it is understandable considering this is only a 12-episode series. I also liked the different emotions that were seen throughout this episode (as if the audience needed more of a reason to cry besides the fact that Yuri on Ice was ending). While I do like this episode, I wouldn’t say it is my favorite, but it is very good and heartwarming. I don’t want to get into too much detail as I will be doing a full review of this show later, but I think that best word to describe this episode is “decent”.


In Conclusion:

This episode was still good, but it probably did not satisfy the audience with its conclusion. I do hope that a season 2 happens, as it could help give more characters development and we would get to see more of Victor, Yuri and Yurio. I will say though that this ending is better than some other anime endings, as it least feels like a conclusion and still has a yuri-on-ice feel to it. Again, I will be doing a full review of this show in the future, so please be looking forward to that. With that said, what did you guys think of the finale of season 1 of Yuri on Ice!!? Was the ending satisfactory? Are you hoping for a season 2? Please let me know in the comments below. If you are interested in watching this, please go to Crunchyroll. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you guys next level!


One thought on “Yuri on Ice!! Episode 12 Review (Season FINALE)

  1. I loved the end to this. While a second season is definitely going to be appreciated, even if it didn’t happen, I think Yuri’s character journey was nicely wrapped up by this conclusion.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it and I look forward to your whole series review.

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