Uta No Prince Sama : Maji Love Legend Star Episode 13 Review (Season FINALE)

Hi everybody! I’m here with the season finale of Uta No Prince Sama : Maji Love Legend Star. This means I am covering episode 13, also known as “WE ARE STARISH!”. As always, and considering this is the final episode, if you haven’t see this episode, please do so before reading on, as I will be spoiling alot of this episode. And, for those wondering, I do also plan to do a season review of this anime, so be expecting that sometime soon. With that said, let’s get started.



This episode starts with all the guys hugging Haruka, promising that they would give their best. They then sing their song “We are STARISH”. The votes are then counted, and STARISH is determined to be the winner. While both of the other bands are disappointed with their loss, they are now more determined then ever to do better in the future. STARISH then decides to celebrate by singing their song “Maji Love Legend Star”, with QUARTET NIGHT and HEAVENS joining. The episode then ends with STARISH telling Haruka that they want to have a concert where all 3 bands can sing. And at the very end their is an announcement for a new anime project for Uta No Prince Sama.



This episode was able to wrap up the story nicely, but that also might be the problem. When I had started this series, I went into it thinking this was going to be the last season. Especially with the previous episodes, with Masato confronting his dad, Natsuki accepting Satsuki and Otoya overcoming his past, and the multitude of flashbacks to season 1, it seemed like this series would finally come to a close and Haruka would pick a guy. But then it ends with not only a fifth season on the way, but Haruka not seeming to favor one guy over the other as she didn’t really interact with the guys all that much. Now, as an UtaPri fan, I am still excited for the new season, but honestly I would have been happy if this was the final season. Well, either way, hopefully the new season will be just as good as this season. My only concern is that since there were so many hints of this being the final season, the fifth season might be something added at the last second, which would probably hurt the overall quality.

Now I’m going to talk about the song “We are Starish” as I do have some good and bad things to say about it. The song itself was amazing and I love listening to it. It represents STARISH and the series really well. Not to mention that it has parts of the opening for the first Uta No Prince Sama otome game, which is really cool. The only bad parts that I have about this episode is the animation. Now the CG was still good, but when the CG can look better than the normal animation, you know there is a problem. It was obvious that, with this last episode, their was a very small budget that went into the animation and it is honestly disappointing. I was hoping for a really good looking dancing animation, since that is what we got with QUARTET NIGHT and HEAVENS, but unfortunately that is not the case.


In Conclusion:

This was a really good way to end the season, and I am hoping for the next season to be able to go more into each other’s backstories, and that Haruka would pick one of the STARISH boys to date. I’ll be doing a more indepth review of this season in my full review of it. With that said, please comment below on what you thought of this episode. Did STARISH deserve to win? Should UtaPri have ended on this season? Are you excited for the possibility of a new season? And until the next season, thank you for reading, work hard to become your own legend, and I hope to see you guys next time.


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