Uta No Prince Sama : Maji Love Legend Star Episode 11 Review

Hey everyone! I’m here with another episodic review of Uta No Prince Sama – Maji Love Legend Star. Today, we are going to be talking about episode 11, also known as “The Future, Dreams, Thank you – And!”. As usual, if you haven’t watched the episode yet, please do so before continuing, as I will probably be spoiling stuff from this particular episode. With that said, let’s get started.



We start back up from where the last episode ended, with Otoya and the other members of STARISH meeting up and getting Otoya to go back to his normal self. Once Otoya tells them that he won’t be leaving the group, they celebrate and run back to home(literally). Once Raging hears about Otoya’s return, he yells at Eiichi and the rest of HEAVENS, angered that Otoya was not broken like he had thought. Eiichi explains that he had no intention of breaking Otoya, and that he only wanted to create a fantastic song. Raging tells them that they have to utterly crush STARISH if they want to prove they are the best, but they fight back, stating that they were doing just fine and having fun. Eiichi then mentions how Raging is only like this because of his loss to Saotome, which makes Raging so angry that he cancels all of HEAVENS interviews, show appearances, and even their appearance at the SSS deciding concert, which shocks everyone, including STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT. Everyone seems to have given up hope of HEAVENS being able to perform, but Haruka then asks the STARISH to bring HEAVENS the song they are to sing at the deciding concert. STARISH is able to infiltrate the Raging agency and deliver the song to HEAVENS, which gives the members of HEAVENS hope once more.



So this episode was just a rollercoaster of emotions. We went from happy, to sad, to despair, then back to happy. Plotwise, this episode was very interesting and progresses the story further than I had thought this season would go. I do like how they added that none of the boys wanted to hurt STARISH, feeling that they wanted to win by their own strength. Another reason I believe is that they have accepted STARISH as their rivals, and friends in some respects, and don’t want to destroy them the way Raging wants them to. Another interesting they added was by deciding to go into the past of Saotome and Raging, something they have been hinting at since season 2, but never given big details. I feels that this is hinting at another larger story at play, especially with how much Shining looks like Otoya. I do hope that they do use this plot point later on, and maybe even go into more detail about Eiichi and Eiji as well.

I do have some problems with this episode. One would be the lack of Haruka. Now don’t get me wrong, all in all, this is a minor issue, as the episode itself is good without her that much. It is mostly me being a fan of UtaPri, since I want her to eventually pick a guy and her not being in the episode, or interacting with the boys, means it will take even longer for her to finally pick a guy. While I like the focus on the music and interactions between the other boys, UtaPri is still a reverse harem, and I want Haruka to pick someone already.(Preferably either Otoya and Cecil)

My last problem is that the animation is slowly declining, and it is becoming much more noticeable. Particularly in the animation for this episodes song, it was just really lazily done, as we mostly just see the same running animation over and over again, just with different backgrounds. This is honestly kind of disappointing since UtaPri was known for its beautiful animation for the music.


In Conclusion:

So this episode was great from a storytelling perspective, but seems to suffer in certain areas. However, I do want to see how these new plot elements will affect the overall story. It was also nice to see that character growth, as we started this season with both of the bands disliking each other, to now our two groups of boys seeing each other as rivals and friends, and not wanting to best the other fair and square. With that said, please comment below on what you thought of this episode. Will HEAVENS be able to perform? What happened between Shining and Raging? Why does Otoya and young Shining look so similar to each other? Well hopefully these questions will be answered soon. If you are interested in watching this series, please go to Crunchyroll. Thank you for reading, remember to never lose hope, and I hope to see you guys next time!

On a side note, Shining and Raging looked really good when they were younger!!!!


Also, if they don’t mention any kind of connection between Shining and Otoya at some point, I’m literally going to lose my mind! I mean, just look at the resemblance. (Shining is the person in all the pics below, not Otoya).


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