Uta No Prince Sama : Maji Love Legend Star Episode 9 Review

Hey everyone! I’m here with another review of Uta No Prince Sama – Maji Love Legend Star. Today, we are focusing on episode 9, also known as “NEXT DOOR”. As always, I will be spoiling a few things from the episode, so if you haven’t watched it, please go ahead and do so, before continuing on. With that said, let’s get started.



The episode starts with Otoya and Eiichi trying to do their duet song. Eiichi wants the song to be unlike anything either of them have ever done. Otoya then tries to write lyrics for the song, but is having a hard time. Eiichi “brainwashes” Otoya into believing that he needs to find his true self, making Otoya more distressed about the lyrics.  As such, he begins to act very differently towards his bandmates, which is noticed by Tokiya and Reiji. Eiichi blatantly rejects Otoya’s lyrics, and later suggests that they go to his house to try and find those lyrics that are buried in Otoya’s “true soul”. Otoya continues to struggle to make the lyrics, and then Eiichi says that he must look into the darkness of his heart to find his true self. He then reveals that he had investigated Otoya’s past, and feels that Otoya puts a mask on in front of his friends, to hide his pain and sadness from losing those he loved. Otoya then begins to have a mental breakdown, and imagines his friends leaving him once they learn the truth, and a mysterious women from his past. Once Eiichi sees this, he says that Otoya has finally discovered his true self, and they sing their duet song: “NEXT DOOR”.



Wow. Out of all the episodes, this probably has the most emotional turmoil of the season, and we won’t know how this will affect STARISH until next episode. In a surprisingly dark story, we see more of Otoya’s past, and possibly even his deceased mother. For anyone who had been debating whether or not Otoya’s mom was alive, the truth has been revealed! While Eiichi does say that Otoya has lost a lot of his loved ones, I think what really proves of her death, is the imagery used, with Otoya and the mysterious women( more than likely the mom) hugging in a field of sunflowers, only for it to be set ablaze.

On another note, I’m not sure if Otoya’s “true self” was really revealed. While I would say that Eiichi was able to bring out a side of Otoya we have never seen, his efforts seem to make Otoya less like the person he truly was. I say this because, in order for Otoya to get to this point, Eiichi convinced him he was alone, that his friends would leave him, as well as telling him his lyrics were not good enough. The truth was that Otoya wasn’t alone, because he has friends who would be by his side and try to help him no matter what. And, whether or not his lyrics were good, Otoya did put his heart into those lyrics, just like how he wrote his previous songs, meaning they did in fact come from himself, unlike the lyrics that came out of the darkness inside of him. I’m guessing that Eiichi believes the idea that artists make masterpieces when they look into the darkness of their hearts, but, in my opinion, just because all humans have darkness in them, that doesn’t mean the darkness is their true self. On the other hand, I’m do appreciate, sort of, what Eiichi was also doing, in that he wanted Otoya to stop running away from his pain and, instead, face it.

Also, Eiichi mentions that him and Otoya have the same soul, so maybe there’s a side to Eiichi we don’t know yet either.


In Conclusion: 

This was definitely a good episode, and a must see for any fan of this show. It shows a different side to not only a character, but the entire series as well. I don’t think UtaPri has ever gone this dark before, and it’s an unexpected, but interesting experience. With that said, please comment below on what you think of the episode. How do you think this will affect Otoya and STARISH? Did Eiichi go too far? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. If you are interested in this show, please go check it out on Crunchyroll. Stay true to yourself, and I hope to see you guys next time.



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