UtaPri Maji Love Legend Star CDs: Which Duet Song Is The Best?

Hello everyone! So with the 4th season of UtaPri over, and a new season in the works, I have decided to not only review all the seasons, but review the CDs as well. For the CDs, I will probably do a review for the each series of CDs released, but in some cases, like this one, I will compare the CDs to each other. Whether it be deciding which song was better, or which band had better songs, I will judge the songs based on my own opinions and likes. With that said, I do not have the overall say as to if what I think is the best is actually the best, because everyone has their own tastes and opinions, so if you have a different opinion as to the order of the songs listed below, please comment below on which songs you liked more. And no matter what order the songs are, I’m not saying that any of them are bad, as I do enjoy all of these songs and I think they are all good, I just like some songs over others. Also, I will link to as many songs as I can, but they might be the shorter versions. With that out of the way, let’s get started.

7) Cecil and Shion – Visible Elf


So to start off our list, we have Cecil and Shion with their song Visible Elf. I actually have one problem with this particular song and it mostly involves Cecil. While I think Shion’s vocals are good with this song, Cecil’s voice, at least in the beginning, seem out of place and it takes a while before Cecil’s voice is able to meld better with Shion’s voice. It is still a nice song, as it does have a comforting, magical feel to it, which fits Cecil and Shion’s characters pretty well. The animation for this song is also nice, and it is available on Youtube.

6) Syo and Yamato – Justice Impulse


Next up, we have Syo and Yamato’s song, Justice Impulse. If you like DBZ or Jojo, there’s a good chance that this song is going to be a favorite of yours as well. The animation for the song includes power ups and rapid punches and kicks to the point where you can tell what show they are based from. The song itself is also full of energy and, while it did take a few listens, it is a fun song to just get pumped to. Don’t take my word for it though, see it for yourself.

5) Natsuki and Nagi – Grown Empathy


And here we have Natsuki and Nagi’s song, “Grown Empathy”. The viola and violin instrumentals for this song was really good, and helps you appreciate the ending on their episode more. While this song is definitely fits Natsuki better than Nagi, both of their vocals fit the song very well, and makes the song have a “feel good” tone to it. The animation for this song is also nice for a halloween theme to it and fits with the theme of self-discovery and independence in this episode. Check out the song if you haven’t already.

4) Tokiya and Eiji – Mighty Aura


And here we have Tokiya and Eiji’s duet song, “Mighty Aura”. Both of the voice actors/singers for this song complement each other very well, making the song sound very soothing, while having a cool, pop beat to it. As well, the animation that goes with the song has that same kind of feel, while displaying scenes that only Uta No Prince Sama could get away with, in terms of how over-the-top it is. It also helps that this was one of the first duet songs in the show, so the animation was really good. Definitely check out this song if you have not heard it already.

3) Otoya and Eiichi – Next Door


And now we have hit the top 3, with Otoya and Eiichi’s song, Next Door, being in third place. The song is definitely different from the other songs in this list, as well as many of the other songs that Uta No Prince Sama has released in previous seasons. The tone of this song is much darker than usual, and both singers are able to convey a sense of desperation in their voices as they sing, making the song that much more impactful. This tone matches with the animation as you can feel the Otoya’s desperation to find happiness while Eiichi desires to bring out Otoya’s darkness. Definitely check out this song if you want something different than the usual UtaPri songs.

2) Masato and Kira – Lasting Oneness


And now at number 2 we have Masato and Kira’s song, Lasting Oneness. This song fits perfectly with our two characters, as the song itself fits with their traditional backgrounds. Honestly, this is probably my favorite Masato song, as it wasn’t too slow, had a nice beat, and was pretty calming and felt like I was watching them perform a stage play. The song also sounded even better with both of our singers vocal’s matching perfectly with each other, as well as fitting with the episode’s theme of standing up for yourself. Definitely check this song out if you haven’t already.

1) Ren and Van – Lovely Eyes


And in first place we have Ren and Van’s duet song, Lovely Eyes. I will admit that this choice is a bit biased as Ren is voiced by Junichi Suwabe, who is my favorite Japanese voice actor. But it is mostly because this song is really good. Both of the singer’s vocals match with the jazzy, upbeat tone of the song and it is just a fun song to listen too. It really makes you want to get up and dance with it. On the animation side, not only did it make the characters and backgrounds look amazing, but it is also the only song that I know that actually had the characters dancing in it. Well whether you are a fan of Ren, Van, Junichi Suwabe, or none of the above,  you have to check out this song.


And there you have it. Again if you did listen to all the songs, please comment below on which you thought were better than others. And again, I am not the ultimate-final decision when it comes to deciding what order these songs were put in, it was just my opinion, which is why I honestly want to know what you guys thought as well. Even if you agreed with my choices, comment if you had others reasons why you put the songs in the order that you did. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope to see you guys next time.



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