Yuri on Ice Episode 8 Review

Hi guys! I’m here with another review of the ice skating phenomenon known as Yuri on Ice!! Today, we are going to be talking about episode 8 of the series, also known as¬†“Yuri vs Yuri! The Horror!! Rostelecom Cup, Short Program”. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, I highly suggest you do so, as I will spoiling a few things from the episode. With that out of the way, let’s get started.



The episode begins with the Russia team coming back home, with Yurio’s fans waiting in anticipation. Yurio escapes and finds who grandpa, who came to pick him up. Later, Victor is being interviewed at the hotel, and he asked about why he didn’t wish to skate with Yuri as a competitor, if he finds him so amazing. He ignores the question and sees Yurio, and tries to talk with him, but is rebuked. We then see Yuri trying to get on an elevator, where we meet most of the new skaters, such as Seung-gil, from Korea, Emil, from Canada, and Michele, from Italy, with his sister, Sala. Yuri gets on another elevator, but is joined by Yurio, who tells him he will be defeated here in Russia, making Yuri wonder what Victor would do if he didn’t win. At the competition, we see the various skaters skate, and learn more about their personalities, such as Seung-gil being emotionless, but calculating, Emil just wanting to be carefree and have fun, and Michele having a sister complex, to Sala’s dismay. Yuri adds more passion to his performance, making him score even higher than before. We then learn about Yurio’s grandpa not showing to his performance, much to Yurio’s dismay. This, along with encouragement from Yuri and Victor, causes him to be able to feel agape in his performance, but he still able to score well. We then get to meet the last new skater, JJ, from Canada, who is very self-confident and narcissistic, but a great performer, as he is able to place first with his beautiful performance. Afterwards, we learn that Makkachin ate some steam buns, which got stuck in his throat, and he might not survive. The episode ends with Yuri begging Victor to go and see Makkachin, so then Victor then begs Yakov to coach Yuri for just the next day.


Review and Thoughts:

And once again, Yuri on Ice!! has us glued to the screen with its characters and gayness. And I’m perfectly fine with it. The animation was good, especially when it came to some of the spins and jumps in the skating. But the main focus of this episode was meeting new characters and the overall story and character growth. While I do think we met some of the characters kind of abruptly, but we were able to also able to learn more about their own quirks pretty quickly, while not dragging on them too long. I am starting to get the idea that these new skaters either represent a side of Yuri, such as Michele’s unwillingness to part from his sister, or show what Yuri could have become, such as either Seung-gil, who is so focused on calculations that he has no true passion in his performance, or JJ, who is self-confident, but to a point where he is very narcissistic.

Now let me explain that last part a bit. I do kind of like JJ. He is a really good skater, which does explain his self-confidence, but, unlike Yuri, he chooses to show off how good he is, even if it just makes him look more like a narcissist. However, it is because of this self-confidence that he is not well like by his fellow skaters, as he ignores those he feels don’t stand a chance against him. An example of this, is when he ignores Yuri to talk to Victor about why he left the skating world, only to tell Victor that he thinks he left because he was afraid of JJ beating him. Since the beginning of Yuri on Ice!!, we have seen that Yuri has very little self-confidence, but still thinks of himself as a good skater. Although he has become more self-confident because of Victor, he still retains the humbleness he had when he didn’t believe in himself. So, in a way, if Yuri had too much self-confidence, he might have become a narcissist and not be as likable as he is now. While I’m not too sure about this, I have a feeling that JJ is not a character that will be leaving us just yet.

As for the episode itself, I did enjoy it. While I know some people are upset by the lack of a real fight between Yuri and Yurio, I feel they also wanted to show more character growth between the two¬†characters, such as introducing Yurio’s grandfather, showing Yuri and Victor’s displays of love, and even adding in Makkachin’s possible death. This also shows how far the series is willing to push its characters, as well as showing how well the writers thought about this show. Yuri begs Victor to leave, as Yuri has already experienced the heartbreak of losing someone close to him, and him unable to be there. Yuri’s willingness to allow Victor to leave his side, even its just a day, is a sign of growth, and I haven’t seen this kind of character growth in such as long time. I am excited to see what happens because of this decision in the next episode.


In Conclusion:

Overall, another great episode is produced by Yuri on Ice!!, and it even leaves us in suspense, as we wonder the fate of not only Makkachin, but of Yuri as well. Whether Yuri will be able to survive on the ice without Victor is going to be interesting to see. With that said, what did you guys think of this episode? Did you all love Yurio’s fan club? Will Makkachin be alright? We will just have to wait and see. If you want to check this show out, please head over to Crunchyroll. Learn to be independent, and I hope to see you guys next time.



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