Nanbaka Episode 8 Review

Hey, everyone! I’m here with another review of Nanbaka. Today, we are going to be talking about episode 8, also known as “A Monster and a Gorilla”. If you haven’t watched the episode already, I highly suggest you do, as I will probably be spoiling a few things from the episode. With that out of the way, let’s get started.


The episode starts with Jyugo attacking Musashi, which results in serious damage to the stadium and the evacuation of the prisoners. The inmates of Cell 13 stay in the stadium, and are in disbelief of what Jyugo has become. The warden then calls the guards to apprehend them, but Musashi keeps them at bay with his fire abilities. The other inmates are worried about Jyugo, since he might get sent to solitary confinement, but Yamato tells them that he might be put on trial, which is apparently worse. Hajime and Kenshirou try to stop the fight, but Musashi uses his fire powers again, only to be blocked by Samon and Kiji. They then take on the prisoners, with Hajime going against Jyugo and the rest going after Musashi. The other guards are successful at capturing Musashi, using their signature weapons. Uno jumps into the stadium, with Rock and Nico following behind, to try and stop Jyugo, but, in his rage-filled state, Jyugo attacks them. Just as he is about to attack Uno, Hajime stops Jyugo’s attack. Hajime then beats Jyugo mercilessly, causing Jyugo’s blood to spew from his mouth and nose, much to the displeasure of Uno and the other inmates. Hajime only stops after the Warden tells him to. A few days later, we see the guards berating Hajime for beating Jyugo, where it is revealed that Building 13 won the competition, since Hajime broke the jar after beating Jyugo, but the after-tournament dinner was ruined, due to Hajime’s level of violence souring the mood. He later visits Cell 13, only to learn that Uno, Rock, and Nico no longer trust him, since he put Jyugo into a coma. Hajime admits that he would kill him if it were his job, but he says he did go overboard, since he was not trying to kill him. Uno then tells him that Jyugo is very important to them, as he understands them the most. Hajime later gets a notice of suspension for 3 days.


I’m going to apologize for the long summary, but man did alot of stuff happen in this episode. Especially after episode 7 disappointing me, this was exactly what I was hoping for. This episode had drama, plot progression, action, and even a deeper look at some of the characters, in particular Hajime, Uno, and a little bit of Musashi. I do want to make note that, although I probably should have noticed this sooner, but Jyugo’s transformed shackles look a lot like Musashi’s bands on his arms and neck, so there might be some correlation there, and possibly a key point as to why Musashi wants these shackles so badly. As for this episode, it really didn’t hold anything back when it came to showing how violent the fight was. I mean, its still Nanbaka, so we still have sparkles and a few comedic moments, like when Uno jumps into the stadium or the aftermath of the tournament, but this episode, for the most part, was really serious. I mean, blood was spewing, rubble was everywhere, and the characters were feeling genuine fear. Because of this, I do wonder how the characters will around each other in the future, since it is clear that Hajime and the inmates of Cell 13 are not on good terms. And also because I think this episode ended where the manga is currently at right now, so from here on out, it could go anywhere.

One thing that I will give major thumb-ups to is the animation for this episode. No don’t get me wrong, the animation for this show has been really good throughout the series, but this episode really showed what they could with the animation. The action scenes were amazing, as the moves of each person felt so fluid and fast-paced, which is what I like about action shows. Whether it was them using weapons or fighting with their fists, it just looked so real and you could really feel the pain some of the characters went through as they were being attacked.

If anything in this episode that I will critique is how much people berated Hajime for what he did to Jyugo. And again, don’t get me wrong, I love Jyugo and he is my favorite character, and I also hated how much violence Hajime used on Jyugo, but Hajime also was trying to stop Jyugo from causing anymore damage, and, let’s face it, the only way Jyugo was going to stop is if he was completely, and utterly, defeated. I do side with Uno in that I don’t approve of the level of violence Hajime used on Jyugo, but Hajime did have to stop Jyugo somehow. Although maybe this goes more into my whole “Eternal Prisoner” theory I have, so hopefully the series will explain why Nanbaka has some of the rules they have.


So overall, this episode is definitely a favorite of mine. Since Jyugo is my favorite character in this series, it was hard to watch him go through so much pain, but hopefully he will be okay in the next episode. By the way, for those who don’t know, and are worried about if the series can explain everything before getting to episode 12, don’t worry, as they have announced that Nanbaka is getting a second season in January, with no breaks after episode 12, so we won’t have to wait and see for that. And with that said, what did you guys think about this episode? Was Hajime’s violence warranted or not? Are you excited for Season 2? Please comment below on your thoughts on these matters or anything about this episode or the series. If you are interested in this series, please head over to Crunchyroll. Remember that there will always be people who understand you, and I hope to see you guys again.


2 thoughts on “Nanbaka Episode 8 Review

  1. Teehee, I was still very mad at Nanbaka while watching this episode–like this: how could youuuu 8__8 *eats food very angrily while crying angrily*

    But anyway, remembering it again, this was a nice standalone episode. You’re spot on with your comment about the action and animation; they definitely took it to the next level. I wish the animators had gotten to this storyline much quicker than they had, but if this hits a point that just matches up with the manga, then it’s understandable. I’m still not sure how I feel about the series blending elements of action and comedy. I definitely like both elements alone, but together they feel a little disassociated.

    You explained the reason for Hajime’s violence well. Jyugo wasn’t listening to anyone else at all. I personally thought it was a little overboard, but I also don’t think he would have stopped unless the other guy told him the answers he needed, or the guy with the scar appeared.

    I knew Hajime was powerful, but I guess he’s been holding out like the rest of them have! (He is super overpowered though, haha.)

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    1. Thanks!! I agree about the action and comedy, but I think they are just getting more character development going before adding in more comedy. I am really interested with the characters so the more we can learn about them, the happier I am. And hopefully then can blend the action and comedy a bit better in future episodes.

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