Nanbaka Episode 7 Review

Hey guys! I’m here with another episodic review of Nanbaka. Today, I’m talking about episode 7, also known as “It’s a Surprisingly Sad Story”. That’s seriously the title, I did not make that up. So if you haven’t already seen the episode, I highly suggest you do, as I will be spoiling a few things. With that out of the way, let’s get started.



This episode starts off with Mitsuru announcing that, instead of finding out what happens with Jyugo battle, the episode will be focusing on the battles of the ninja we met in episode 3, also known as Tsukumo. As it turns out, Tsukumo gets a visit from his old manager, who reveals his secret that he is actually a famous actor. When asked to return to the acting business, Tsukumo refuses, revealing that he knows about how his boss/”mother” had actually been lying to him. As it turns out, she actually kidnap him, when he was a child, after looking for a true ninja to play in her movies, only to find him training outside of his ninja village, since his parents abandoned him for being too weak. She tricks him to believing that she is his mother, since he had forgotten what his parents looked like, and takes him with her, and makes him begin his training as an actor, since he does seem to have a natural talent for it. He also reveals that, after finding out the truth, he had attempted to return to his ninja village, but ended up being caught for trespassing, and sent to prison. After he leaves, Tsukumo finds Jyugo outside the visiting room, so Jyugo had heard his entire story. He tells Jyugo that he doesn’t know who he is anymore, due to the many roles he was forced to do. The episode ends with Jyugo telling him to be himself, before going to the stadium to participate in his event, and then Misuru coming back to tell us that the actual story will continue next week.



Now, I won’t lie, this episode kind of grew on me. It was a nice backstory on a character I thought would bring nothing but comedic fluff to the show. It was, like the title says, a surprisingly sad story, but it was believable enough to really get me to feel for character, and the struggles he faced. But here’s the thing, my favorite character in this show is Jyugo, and he is going through some tough stuff right now. So why do we have to hear about this story, right at the moment that things are about to go down. Now you could say that I’m basised because of my love for this character, but it’s not just that. When I watch a show, it is usually because of its characters and plot. If the characters are good, but the plot sucks, I might drop it, or vice versa. Nanbaka has wonderful characters and is, obviously, heading to a serious plot, outside of its comedy. So it does frustrate me that, instead of finding out more about this serious plot, I have to wait another week to find out anything. So I don’t think that this episode is the worst we have seen, since it did have a decent story to tell and it was fully focused on it, but it didn’t leave me very satisfied.


In Conclusion:

So overallthis episode wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. While it’s nice to get backstories on another character, it shouldn’t come at the expense of the actual plot. The one thing that kept me satisfied in this episode was when Mitsuru came out saying that the episode would be going back to Jyugo next time. With that said, please comment below on what you guys thought of the episode? How did you feel after hearing Tsukumo’s backstory? Did you like the change in direction for this episode? If you want to watch this series with me, please head over to Crunchyroll. Be true to yourselves, and I hope to see you guys next time.


4 thoughts on “Nanbaka Episode 7 Review

  1. Omg, I got so mad at this episode when it came out because I was so stoked for the main storyline. I was still angry and bitter while watching the episode this week, which did continue from ep. 6, but by that time ep. 7 had negatively colored my attitude toward the series in general.

    Now that I’m a little calmer about Nanbaka, I think that ep. 7 by itself it was pretty fun and interesting. But I really wish the animators hadn’t done what they did.

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      1. No problem!! But yeah, it’s supposed to still be on Crunchyroll and will not stop after episode 12. I’m excited to see what they do with the show, since I think they already passed what was in the manga.

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