Uta No Prince-Sama : Maji Love Legend Star Episode 7

Hey, everybody! I’m here with another episodic review of Uta No Prince-Sama : Maji Love Legend Star. Today, we are going to talk about episode 7, also known as Grown Empathy. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, I highly suggest you do that before reading, as I will probably be spoiling some stuff. With that said, let’s get started.



So the episode begins with Natsuki wanting to complete his goal of doing his best for his duet song with Nagi. When Nagi and him meet, Nagi insists they use musical instruments, during their performance, with Nagi playing the viola and Natsuki playing the violin. Natsuki says he can’t play, but Nagi pushes him, asking him why he can’t play when he used to be a genius of the violin. This makes Natsuki start to remember his traumatic past, causing Satsuki to take over and fervently reject Nagi’s idea. After the meeting, Satsuki tells Haruka about his purpose of protecting Natsuki, and how it was because of his teacher’s betrayal that caused Satsuki to come into existence. That night, Natsuki and Haruka talk, where he tells her that he does not like to see people suffering, and would rather suffer himself. At their next meeting, Nagi once again pushes Natsuki to play the violin during the duet song. He also reveals that he figured out that Natsuki has a split personality. When he says that he wants to tell everyone, this causes Satsuki to take over and lash out, before leaving. Haruka manages to put the glasses back on Satsuki, but he does not switch back to Natsuki. He is prepared to leave and stop Natsuki from being an idol, but STARISH and Haruka are able to convince him that Natsuki is an important to them, and is strong, on his own. Satsuki then watches Natsuki closely, and discovers that Natsuki has, in fact, grown stronger than he had originally believed. Satsuki then talks to Haruka, who says that Satsuki and Natsuki are both kind, as they both don’t like to see the people they care about suffer. Satsuki then admits that he underestimated Natsuki. He goes deep into his own mind, and Natsuki and Satsuki meet, for the first time. Satsuki explains that he is “going to sleep” and Natuski will face more pain in the future, but Natsuki says that he has his friends, and that Satsuki will always be with him. Satsuki agrees, and disappears, giving full control to Natsuki. The episode ends with Natsuki agreeing to play the violin, Nagi and him completing their duet song, and one last look at Natsuki’s notebook, which shows he has completed his goal.



This episode was just so satisfying. We got to learn more about a character, a fun song, and a tearful, but happy farewell to a beloved character. I have been a huge fan of Natsuki, and Satsuki, since the 1st season and it was so much fun to see them both have so much screen time, especially on Satsuki part, since he normally doesn’t show up until half way through the episode. I had a feeling that, since this is likely the last season, they would wrap up Natsuki/Satsuki’ s story, and it honestly was a beautiful sight, as we see that Natsuki has grown much stronger since we first met him, to the point where even Satsuki doesn’t mind leaving Natsuki, since he has shown that he doesn’t need Satsuki to protect him. As well, we learned more about how similar Satsuki and Natsuki are, as they both want to protect those they care for.

As for the song, it was definitely a fun, cute song. It represented the episode very well, as it described more about Natsuki and Satsuki’s experiences throughout this episode. It was also very well animated and both Natsuki’s and Nagi’s voice sounded, surprisingly, good with each other.

The only gripes I have with this episode is probably that, while I don’t like him as a character, we honestly didn’t get much time with Nagi. Because of that, we didn’t learn much more about him, besides the fact that he is a selfish brat. It makes it seem that characters is just that, and only that. It also doesn’t help, since later in the episode, after being slightly scolded by Eiji, he decides to try and act nicer to Natsuki, so it doesn’t sound very legitimate.

Also, when Satsuki does his big reveal of why he protects Natsuki, while this is surprising for our main characters, since we had already heard about why Satsuki does what he does, it just seems like they are repeating information. I could have sworn that Satsuki already told Haruka that he was there to protect Natsuki.


In Conclusion:

Overall, this episode is still a favorite of mine, as it really did dive down deep into Natsuki as a character, as well as ending his, and Satsuki’s, character arc better than any simple bow tie. This was more than what I had expected to see from Uta No Prince Sama, and, if this really is their last season, they obviously want to end this series with a bang. With that said, please comment below on what you thought of this episode. Are you sad to see Satsuki go? What do you think of Natsuki as a character? Are you shipping Natsuki and Satsuki? If you are interested in watching this show, please go to Crunchyroll and check it out for yourselves. Protect those you love and I hope to see you guys next time!



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