Yuri on Ice!! Episode 6 Review

Hi, guys!! I’m here with another review of Yuri on Ice!!. Today we are going to talk about episode 6, also known as “China’s On! The Grand Prix Series Opening Event!! The Cup of China Short Program”. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, please go and watch it, as I will probably be spoiling a few things. With that out of the way, let’s get started.


The episode begins with Yuri and Victor having an interview the day before the Cup of China event. Victor sees Yakov and tries to talk to him, but Yakov tells him to not talk to him until he is ready to stop being a second-rate coach and beg to be a skater again. Yuri and Victor then go out to eat, when they meet up with Phichit and Celestino. As well, they meet up with two other skaters, Leo, from America, and Guanghong, from China, but things quickly get out of hand with Victor getting drunk. The next day, the 4 skaters meet up again, with another skater being introduced, who is named Christophe, or Chris for short, who is from Switzerland. He tells Yuri about how many people hope for Victors return to being an ice skater. The competition then begins with Group 1, which has Phichit, then Guanghong, then Yuri. Before Yuri’s turn, he tells himself to not be deterred by people, who want Victor to stop being his coach, but, instead, become hated by the world because he took Victor for himself. Yuri then skates his short program, which he performs beautifully and with no mistakes, earning him over 100 points. In Group 2, we have Leo, followed by Russian skater, Georgi, whose theme is heartbreak, due to his own break up, and then Chris, who tries to out do Yuri’s Eros with his own, mature, Eros. The episode ends with Yuri in first place, but with the free skate to be featured in the next episode.


This episode was mainly focused on introducing new characters, building character personality, and ice skating. Lots and lots of ice skating. Which isn’t bad for those of us, who enjoy being able to see the beautifully animated skating sequences, but may be boring to those in the audience, who just want the plot to progress. It does seem that, with the Cup of China, the plot has been reduced to snail’s pace, in order to meet characters, but it honestly makes sense for this kind of a show. This is an ice skating anime, so it has to live up to its name sake. It would be like the swimming anime, also known as Free!, didn’t have swimming and instead just showed characters talking about swimming. It is also what attracted most of the audience to this show, since the ice skating animation is what has garnered this show so much attention.

The new characters were also interesting and unique, in the sense that they didn’t feel like they were copies of other characters in the show. I also feel that each skater is, in a sense, a different route Yuri could take with being a skater, after this season is over, from Leo’s passion for music and skating to Georgi’s obvious hatred to the one who left him to Chris’s more mature, albeit creepy, Eros.

Now let’s focus on Yuri, because he has had such a character growth since the beginning of the series, and it is so wonderful to see who he has become. He is showing a great passion for skating, as well as his passion for Victor increasing. He is also becoming more self-confident, as he is able to pull off moves he had previously failed at, and even showing a beautiful, sexy side of himself that many had never seen before. To see how much this character has grown, is an indescribable feeling, with the only thing I can think of being seeing a young boy transforming into man.


Overall, this episode, while maybe not progressing plot wise, was a great time to watch to see beautiful ice skating, relax, and see Yuri becoming the person he was meant to be. I do hope that the next episode has more ice skating, while being to add in some important plot elements. With that said, please comment on what you guys think of this episode? Will Yuri win the Cup of China? Will we ever learn what truly happened, between Victor and Yuri, in that restaurant? We will just have to wait and see. If you guys want to watch this series along with me, please head over to Crunchyroll. Believe in yourselves and I hope to see you guys next time!


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