Uta No Prince Sama : Maji Love Legend Star Episode 6 Review

Hi, everyone!! I’m here with another review of Uta No Prince Sama : Maji Love Legend Star. Today, we are looking at episode 6, also known as “Lovely Eyes”. As always, if you have not seen the episode yet, I do suggest you go and watch it before reading on, as I will probably be spoiling a few things. With that said, let’s get started.


The episode begins with Ren and Van both practicing for their roles for a TV drama about lawyers(which looks a lot like Phoenix Wright). Later on, they meet with Haruka to discuss ideas for their duet song. Van begins to get too close to Haruka, which angers Ren. Later, Van confesses to Haruka and asks her to date him, to which Ren intervenes. Once Haruka leaves, Van tells Ren how he believes everyday is an adventure and life is for keeps(this is basically his motto). He then challenges Ren that, whoever gets the most praise in the drama, would be able to go out with Haruka. Ren hears about how Van is actually a good actor, but doesn’t believe this until the day Van and him have to film a scene, where he sees Van’s true nature. When filming the last scene, Van decides to ad lib his line, by using his motto, to see what Ren would do. Ren counters with his own belief that you must truly care for the person and think about them as a person. At the end, Van does admit that him and Ren are evenly matched. When Ren gets distracted, Van takes Haruka away, and confesses to her once more, but she tells him she just wants to focus on making music. He accepts this, but later reveals that he fell in love with her after hearing HEAVENS GATE. Ren angrily races to where Van is, but calms down when he hears Van was rejected. Ren then reflects on how Haruka had saved him back when they were students, and says that he will respect her wishes to make music. The episode ends with their song, which includes a cool, jazzy tune, dancing, and even scenes from their drama.


So this episode has got to be the best of the season so far. The part I probably enjoyed the most, besides the music which I’ll get to later, was probably the interactions between Van and Ren. This episode did establish a believable rivalry between them, as they both not only had feelings for Haruka, but have conflicting beliefs on love. It was so good, they were actually able to make Haruka an important plot element, which has been lacking in previous episodes.Van’s belief that everyday is an adventure was believable and inspiring, as well as explaining why he wanted to date Haruka so quickly, as he believes that you will never know what might happen. Ren’s belief is also believable and genuine, as, after what he has learn from Haruka, he now believes that, if you truly love a person, you will respect them and do whatever it takes to help that person reach their goal. As well,  Van is extremely likable, with his personality being very energetic, and happy-go-lucky, but still being able to be serious when he needs to. This episode also delved into more of Ren’s character, which was really needed, as we see that Ren does see Haruka as a person, not an object, and greatly respects her desire to be a composer, which is why he chooses to keep his love for her a secret.

As for the music, before I get to the main song, I was very happy to hear them, and it was mostly due to nostalgia. I’ve always loved Ren’s jazz background music, and it really helped when they played it during the Ren’s flashback. It made Ren’s love, and gratitude, for Haruka, and everything she has done, feel very genuine. Now, on to the main song. Not gonna lie, this is now my favorite song, and, if you have seen the episode, you will totally understand. This is the first song where we see any of the characters actually dancing to it. It fit really well with the energy of the song, and was honestly beautifully animated. The song was also jazz, which is a genre I greatly love, so depending on your own preferences, you might not like it. But even if you don’t like the type of music, the singing was also perfect, as Ren and Van’s voices were able to blend perfectly into each other, while giving off a lot of energy, which made the song really fun to listen to.


So overall, I am so proud to be an Uta No Prince Sama fan right now. This episode proves what Uta No Prince Sama is capable of, and it was definitely a sight to behold. This show has been getting better and better since the beginning of the fall season, and it makes me excited to see the next episode. If you want to watch this show with me, please head over to Crunchyroll to watch it. With that said, please comment below on what you thought of this episode? Did you enjoy the music? Are you hoping for a Phoenix Wright TV drama starring Ren and Van? Can this show continue to get better? We will just have to wait and see. Everyday is an adventure, so learn to truly love someone and hope to see you guys next time.


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