Nanbaka Episode 5 Review

Hi everybody!! I’m here with another review of Nanbaka, specifically episode 5, A Fraud and a Hero. If you haven’t seem the episode yet, please go and watch it, as I will probably be spoiling a few things. With that out of the way, let’s get started.


With start off the episode with Uno still losing at the card game, but he soon makes a comeback, as he is able to read his opponents body language and figure out what card is the answer. While his opponents try to not show any openings, Uno ends up winning the competition. The next competition is a top-spinning competition, in which the guards spin their tops and try to stop, or destroy, their opponents top before their own top stops. While trying to decide who will go in for the competition, Nico sees a player from the opposing Building 5 team, who he had seen floating in the air earlier in the episode, and proceeds to grab Hajime and jump from the stands to meet him. This automatically signs them up as the competitors for Building 13. The competition begins, with Hajime and Monkey fighting each other, while Nico and Upa, the floating man, fight each other. With Nico, Upa expresses how he using this tournament to find a disciple, causing Nico to want to be his disciple. Upa says he will consider it, if Nico can beat him. Nico agrees and begins to use moves from either animes, like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures or Dragon Ball Z, or from previous competitors he had seen, as it is revealed that Nico can copy any move as long as he has seen it once. Nico does end up beating Upa, which impresses Upa greatly. With Hajime, Monkey is targeting Hajime, instead of the top, because he wants Hajime to admit he lied about Cell 13 being good. Instead, Hajime finds an opening and is able to destroy Monkey’s top, making Building 13 the winners of the competition. The episode ends with the next competitors being from Building 3, and the final competition coming in the next episode.


So this episode definitely showed off the potential, whether good or bad, of what Nanbaka can do. I did enjoy that this tournament is able to show us the different abilities that each of our gang of prisoners has, and, not only that, we get to meet so many other prisoners that are unique in there own ways. This episode did mainly focus on Nico and, while it was funny at times, some of the references he made did get old after a while. But it was his opponent Upa, who is the complete opposite of Nico, that helped to make Nico and the fight, itself, more interesting. I also love how they incorporated the other prisoners into this episode. Since this episode focused so much on Nico, the other prisoners would have been absent for a majority of it, but the show decided to make them censors, and you would see little chibi’s of the characters blocking copyrighted words or curse words, which I found adorable and funny.

If there was one major thing I had to complain about, it would have to be the running joke they have with the warden. While I do still laugh a little when she begins to fantasize about Hajime, it has now become more of an eye-rolling joke than actually funny. Not to mention the obliviousness of all the other men is also infuriating.


Overall, this episode is definitely still a highlight of the series so far, as this tournament so far is a step in the right direction for Nanbaka. I do think that they will have to switch to a new arc soon, as, with Nanbaka’s style of comedy, being in this one arc too long will hurt them soon enough. As well, I have read the manga for this series, or what’s been released so far, and this show does seem to be going in a anime-only ending, as they are very close to where the manga is. But it would be fun to see some original stuff, not from the manga, that the makers of this show can come up with. Well, no matter what, I still am completely in love with Nanbaka. With that said, please comment below on what you guys think of this episode? Did Jungo and the others do a good job at censoring? How will this tournament end? We’ll just have to wait and see. If you want to watch this show along with me, please head over to Crunchyroll, and check it out for yourself. Fight for what you believe in and hope to see you guys next time!!


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