Uta No Prince Sama : Maji Love Legend Star Episode 5

Hi, everybody!! I’m back with another review of UtaPri Maji Love Legend Star. Today, I will be covering episode 5, also known as Visible Elf. Now if you haven’t seen the episode yet, I do highly suggest you watch it before continuing, as I will probably be spoiling a few things. With that out of the way, let’s get started.screenshot-283

The episode starts off with Cecil being excited to finally meet his duet partner, Shion. While he is excited, Shion seems to be the opposite, as it does not seem he wants to talk much to either Haruka or Cecil, who is undeterred and believes they are getting along. It is not until later, when Cecil sees Shion smiling with HEAVENS, that Cecil feels that Shion is unhappy singing with him. When they try to meet again, Shion expresses his distress about having to sing with Cecil, feeling like singing apart from HEAVENS will make his soul impure. He then runs back to the HEAVENS dorm, where he locks himself in a closet. HEAVENS then storms STARISH’s dorm, to find out why Shion was so upset. Cecil tells them what happened, and HEAVENS explains that Shion was the last one to join them, and is the one that cares about HEAVENS the most. Cecil, still being confused, finds Camus, and asks him for advice. Camus tells him that he had invaded and trampled in Shion’s space, which had caused most of the distress. After learning this, Cecil, with Haruka’s song in hand, goes to see Shion. Eiichi is able to get Shion out of the closet, but Shion is still upset, and runs away again, only to run into Cecil. A chase begins, with Cecil trying to tell Shion that he understands him now. Cecil, then explains how he was the last one to join STARISH, and how he learned that he was not alone, but had many friends around him to help him. He gives the song to Shion and tells him he will be waiting at the studio for when he is ready. The episode ends with Shion and Cecil singing their song, Visible Elf, and Shion declaring he sees Cecil in a better light now, to Cecil’s happiness.


So overall this episode was much better, compared to last week’s episode. There was drama, there was comedy, there was good music, and SO MANY HOT GUYS. I don’t believe I have ever mentioned this before, but I feel like the animation quality for the show gets 10 times better when they focus on an individual character, especially when it comes to Cecil’s eyes! They just look so beautiful. Unfortunately, because of this, the animation quality does seem to lack in the areas outside scenes with more than 2 characters or the music part of the anime.

The drama in this episode did keep my on my toes, though I felt the end of it was kind of lame. I loved when we had Shion showing so much emotion and distress from his situation. And it was because of this that, when HEAVENS burst into STARISH’s dorm, it does put HEAVENS in a much better light, as it shows they do care for each other, just like STARISH. Now, the reason I found the ending kind of lame I think is mostly because of how it was worded in the subtitle. I do completely understand the feeling of being in an environment that makes you feel uncomfortable, as well as the feeling of not wanting to burden the people you care for, but the subtitles just made it seem like Cecil just has to stay arms length away from him, instead of sounding like Shion was emotionally distressed and needed people to understand him.

The song itself was also enjoyable. While maybe not my favorite song of the season, it definitely fit both the characters and had beautiful animation(along with Cecil’s signature spinning dance).

The one other part of this episode that was particularly enjoyable was the comedy. The jokes were able to land pretty well and I found myself laughing so much. I don’t know if they wanted this to be a comedic moment, but when Shion ran into the closet, I was making so many “coming out of the closet” jokes, it was unbelievable.

The only other thing I would say is commendable is Haruka’s presence in this episode. She does contribute to this episode a lot more than she has in previous. It is still evident she is being pushed aside for the boys(because I mean they are the main attraction), but she does seem to play a bigger part in this episode than in previous episodes. I do hope they continue this trend, as, I hope, Haruka is going to pick a boy by the end of the series, and she needs to have a purpose in this show, as a good friend, before she can truly pick a boyfriend, in my opinion.


Overall, this episode really made me happy. It seemed to bring back what UtaPri was known for, pretty boys, great slice-of-life comedy, good songs, and learning more about our boys with each episode. I did enjoy how we not only learned about Shion’s inner feelings, but Cecil’s feelings as well, not to mention how he saw his band members. This episode also is getting me to become a HEAVENS fan, as they aren’t just “the bad guys”, but a group of boys trying there hardest to be the best, just like STARISH. With that said, please comment below on what you guys thought of this episode? Will HEAVENS and STARISH ever be friends? Is Cecil going to leave Camus for Shion in the shipping wars? We’ll just have to wait and see. If you guys want to watch this series along with me, please go to Crunchyroll. Remember you are never alone and I hope to see you guys next time!


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