Yuri on Ice!! Episode 4 Review

Hi, everybody!! I’m here with another review of Yuri on Ice!!. This particular review is on episode 4, or “Like Yourself…And Complete the Free Program!!”. If you haven’t watched this episode yet, please go ahead and do so, as I will probably being spoiling a few things here and there. Also, apologies for the long summary below, but a lot of stuff happened so it was hard to condense. With that out of the way, let’s get started.


So we start the episode off with Yuri being late to skating practice, with Victor. After practice, they go to the bath, and, besides having some sexy fun in the bath, Victor then tells Yuri that he wants him to create his own free program and pick his own music. They later call Yuri’s previous coach, and Yuri had once suggested a song, which was made by a girl(who may have had a crush on him), but it was too weak. We then cut to Yurio, who is back in Russia, who gets a choreographer for his own free program, and trains him to become a prima ballerina. Back with Yuri, Yuri is having a hard time coming up with a song for his free program, so he calls his friend, Phichit, to get help in finding the girl who wrote his song before. During another practice session, Victor is trying to get Yuri to believe in himself, but it ends up doing more harm than good and he begins to ignore Victor. The  next morning when, after Yuri skipped practice, Victor takes Yuri to the ocean to talk, and Yuri expresses how, just like with the girl, he didn’t want Victor to see his shortcomings, which is why he was pushing Victor away. Victor and Yuri makeup and continue training. Yuri then gets an email from the girl, and she creates a new song for him. The assignments of the Grand Prix are then released, with Yuri competing in China, against Phichit, and Russia, against Yurio, but not before Yuri has to go through qualifying competitions, since he did bad the year before. The episode ends with Yurio and Yuri both growing as skaters, Yurio becoming a prima ballerina, and Yuri completing his free program by naming his song, which is called Yuri on Ice.

This episode was still enjoyable, and is more informative than dramatic. In a sense, this episode was made more for our characters to learn about themselves and grow as characters, while showing the different competitions that lie ahead for Yuri and Yurio. This definitely doesn’t make the show bad, but it does make it seem slower than previous episodes. Also, the animation, while still nice to look at, didn’t seem as fluid in some areas for this episode, but it’s not bad as well. I also appreciated how they explained the point system for ice skating and the different competitions they have to go through to get to their goal. And, lastly, that was one subtle title drop there! Loved it!!

Overall, I say this episode was great plot progression, but only good in actual enjoyment. While I will gladly watch this episode repeatedly(mostly to see all those beautiful scenes in the bath and with Victor thinking he’s getting old), I still think this episode felt a bit too slow for my taste, but it had its reasons, and it even threw in some heartwarming moments in there, too.Well, with that, what did you guys think of this episode? Can this show get anymore gay than this episode? Will we ever learn about that one fudanshi that was in that bath? We’ll just have to wait and see. Have confidence in yourselves, and hope to see you guys next time!


3 thoughts on “Yuri on Ice!! Episode 4 Review

  1. The pace of this show is definitely slow but I think that’s helping the characterisation. And it isn’t crawling as we are making progress toward the next step on their journey. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    1. Yeah that’s true! I’m actually okay with the pace, but because the last episode did focus a lot on characterization, it did feel slower than normal. Won’t stop me from watching the show though!! 😋

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