Anime Theories: Nanbaka – “The Eternal Prisoner”

Hi guys!! I decided to do a new thing for the blog, where I will talk about different theories I have for shows. I might talk about how I think a series will end, or how a certain plot point that an anime presents might actually mean more than what we originally think. So today I want to talk about how in episode 1 of Nanbaka, the Warden and Hajime talk about Jungo’s father, who is also called the Eternal Prisoner. Obviously, because of this, there will be spoilers here and there, so if you haven’t seen the show, or read the manga, then be wary of continuing to read.


So when I first heard about Jungo’s father, I thought what pretty much every other person thought when they heard this. Jungo’s father is known as the Eternal Prisoner because he was actually able to escape from Nanba prison and was never found again, which is why his escape is considered an embarassment to the Nanba prison.

But here’s the thing: this prison actually takes care of their prisoners so well, that they actually enjoy being in prison. They get delicious food, their is medicine that can be made to fit their needs and tastes, and if they try to escape, even if they do get hurt a little, for the most part they are fine and are able to return to their cells right after. Even though most of the guards are extremely strong, and could probably beat the prisoners to submission, they don’t do it. Even our favorite inmates are actually playful with the guards, showing that they do trust the guards to a degree.

And while it is possible to escape Nanba prison, as shown in episode 1, it is really difficult to do, especially on your own. There is no way that Jungo, even being a master escapist, could have escaped the prison on his own. As well, the prison is on an island, that looks pretty far away from Japan. So someone would more than likely die in the ocean, before reaching the mainland.


So I feel that a rule of Nanba prison, that has yet to revealed to us, is that the prisoners have to be treated nicely, and that they can’t be hurt so bad that they risk getting fatal injuries. I feel that a certain scene, from the manga, also proves this so:

!!Spoiler Start!!

In the manga, due to circumstances, Hajime is forced to beat up Jungo, and it’s so bad that Jungo ends up in a coma. Later on, Hajime is suspended for 3 days, due to the injuries he inflicted on Jungo.

!!Spoiler End!!

So again, because of Hajime’s level of violence, he was suspended from his job, as punishment. This shows how the prison does not want to cause any true harm to the prisoners.

So my theory is that, Jungo’s father didn’t escape by the conventional means, but he ended up dying in prison, which is why he is known as the Eternal Prisoner. Now whether he died from a fight with a prisoner or guard, killed himself, or maybe was escaping the island prison and was killed in the ocean, is unknown. But I do believe that, because of his death, not his escape, he had become the greatest embarrassment to the Nanba prison, since they were not supposed to allow any of the prisoners, in their care, to die. It is also possible that he was killed during an escape attempt, as Jungo is also known for his many escapades.

I will be updating this particular theory as the series progresses, but I would like to know your own thoughts on what I’ve said. Do you think what I said could be right?  Do you have other thoughts on this, or ideas to add to this theory? Please comment below on anything you have to say about this theory and I hope to see you guys next time!!



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