Yuri on Ice!! Episode 1-3 Review

Hey everyone!! And I’m here with my reviews of episode 1-3 of Yuri on Ice!!. I wasn’t able to watch the episodes until last week, so, after this review, this series will become a episodic reviews. As well, this is covering 3 episodes worth of material for this anime, so, if you haven’t already seen them, please do so before reading this review, as I will probably spoil a few things. And the summary will be shorter compared to what I would usually write, so some details will be left out, which I do apologize for, but hey, even more of a reason to watch it then, right? With that out of the way, let’s get started.screenshot-66

We start of the series with Yuri, a Japanese ice skater, being heartbroken at having placed last in the Grand Prix Final Ice Skating competition. He is confronted by the Russian skater, also called Yuri( although I will be calling him Yurio from now on, for less confusion), who tells him to quit ice skating. Yuri, because of his lack of self-confidence, begins to lose his passion for ice skating, and thinks about quitting, but still has a desire to become an ice skater. He returns home in order to see if he can find his passion again. While he was practicing, one of his friends filmed him, and then posted it on the internet. This caught the attention of Yuri’s idol, Victor, who then travels to Japan to become his coach. Before Yuri can officially start training with Victor, Victor makes him start working out, because he has become fat due to not training regularly. When he finally slims down, and thinks Victor can finally start teaching him, Yurio comes to Japan as well, as he wants to take Victor back home, so that Victor can keep the promise, which was to make a program for his senior debut, that he made to him when he was a kid. Yuri and Yurio then have a competition in order to see if Victor would stay in Japan or go back to Russia. In the end, Yuri is able to win, and Yurio goes back to Russia, with the promise that he will win the next Grand Prix Final.


Okay, so I’m going to get this part of the review out of the way. The animation is not only beautiful, but captivating and amazing! There are just no other words to really describe it. The animation for the ice skating is very commendable, as it is able to truly capture the feel and look of an ice skating performance, from the choreography to the different jumps and spins. As well, the opening, and even ending, are probably contenders for the best theme songs for this year. I mean, if the show doesn’t grab you by its opening, then you probably won’t like it, but I have yet to meet someone who didn’t think the opening was beautiful. I could listen to that song every single day and never get tired of it.

Now as for the characters and story, I absolutely love them. Each episodes does dedicate most of its running time to actual ice skating, or ice skating training, but it is able to throw in some comedic moments, and, from what we saw in episode 3, is slowly bringing in more character development, which is making the show even more interesting. If you aren’t to interested in ice skating then you may not like the story, but if you are open minded about it, then you will have a good time. As for the characters, they are all very enjoyable to watch, from Victor being his goofy, gay self, to Yurio being a hot-headed little kitten, to Yuri just being an adorable man discovering his true self. The character interactions are also fun to watch, as they are able to truly capture the feel of each character. I do feel like that what will carry this show will be its characters, so I can’t wait to see what obstacles they will have to overcome. By the way, my favorite character is Victor! Too good-looking and funny for words. (Also helps that he is voiced by Junichi Suwabe.)


Overall, I am absolutely in love with Yuri on Ice!!. Each episode has me wanting more and to learn more about these characters, not to mention that it definitely has awaken the fujoshi in me, which I expected, but not to such a high degree. I absolutely recommend this show to anyone who loves sports anime’s, wants impressive and beautiful animation, and is open-minded to all the gay moments that happen throughout the show. If you want to watch this show with me, please head over to Crunchyroll to get caught up. With that said, please comment below on what you think of Yuri on Ice!! so far? Will Yuri be able to win the Grand Prix Finals? Will Victuri become an actual canon pairing? Well, we’ll have to wait and see. I will be doing episodic reviews of this show starting this week, so I will be putting up my review for episode 4 up sometime this week. Also, the dub of the show, which is going to done by Funimation, will be coming out on November 5th, on the Funimation website, so I will probably be doing a review on that as well. Be the best pork cutlet bowls you can be, and hope to see you guys next time!!


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