Uta No Prince Sama : Maji Love Legend Star Episode 4 Review

Hey everyone!! I’m back with another episode review of Uta No Prince Sama – Maji Love Legend Star. This particular review is over episode 4, or JUSTICE IMPULSE, so if you haven’t already seen it, please watch it, as I will be spoiling a few things. With that out of the way, let’s get started.


So the episode begins with Yamato and Syo recording the song for their duet project. Syo tries to get Yamato to sing with him again, to improve the song, but it only results in Yamato getting mad and punching Syo, in the stomach. We also learn that Yamato and Hyuga, Syo’s role model, are brothers. Yamato also enters a television program, called Muscle Fight, to beat Hyuga, but Syo begs Hyuga to switch with him, to try and convince Yamato to sing with him again. Hyuga and Yamato meet when they are running, with Yamato claiming that he will beat Hyuga in Muscle Fight, only to get mad when he learns of Syo’s interference. Hyuga makes a deal with Yamato that, if he beats Syo, he will fight Yamato, one on one. At Muscle Fight, Syo and Yamato meet, with Syo telling Yamato that, if he beats Yamato, they have to sing again. Yamato agrees, and the competition begins. By the end of the competition, Yamato and Syo are squaring off in a one-on-one fight. For a while, Yamato seems to have the upper hand, but Syo declares that he would never lose to Yamato, as Yamato is not really an idol, since he only wanted to be one to beat Hyuga. Syo then begins to push Yamato back, which impresses Yamato and makes him start to believe what Syo says. They then sing their song, JUSTICE IMPULSE, where their battle ends in a double knockout. In the end, Yamato does agree to sing again with Syo, showing that Syo has gained his respect.


So, while I still think this episode was decent, it definitely wasn’t as good as the last episode. And it might be because episode 3 just set really high standards. For one, this episode was kind of predictable. I was watching this episode with my friend and we both were able to call the double knockout at the end. As well, we get that Yamato wants to beat Hyuga, but is there a legit reason outside of sibling rivalry? I would have liked to hear more about Yamato and Hyuga growing up, as Hyuga does tell Yamato to “go home every once in a while”. While this shows that Hyuga does care for his brother, even if he can be an a-hole, I was hoping that maybe we would get a ‘Yamato was ignored because of how good Hyuga was’ moment, as that would be a good reason as to why he always wants to try and beat Hyuga. I also wanted to see a more of Muscle Fight, as it looked like a combination of Wipeout with America Ninja Warrior. As well, the animation and song in this episode was not as good as the last episode. The animation sometimes was just screaming “low budget”, and the song, while good, is just not as captivating as the songs in previous episodes. I will admit that they animation was good when it came to the fight scenes and the song animation. Also, Haruka was given more screen time, and a bit more purpose, in this episode, which does make me happy, and I hope she gets more involved as the series progresses. Also, I won’t lie, I loved every single scene with Natsuki and Syo!!


Overall, this episode was alright. Not good, but definitely not bad. I do hope that the next episode has more drama added to it, and is less predictable, then this episode. And also hope that they didn’t spend most of their budget on episode 3 because if every episode could look like that, man I would be impressed. Well anyway, please comment below about what you guys thought of this episode? Do you think Haruka will pick a guy to be with? Will Syo and Natsuki ever just admit their feelings for each other? If you want to watch this series with me, it is available on Crunchyroll, and comes out every Saturday. Thank you for reading, and hope to see you guys next time!


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