Nanbaka Episode 3 Review

Hey, everyone! Sorry about not getting these reviews out sooner, but I’ve been busy with school. Anyway, lets continue Nanbaka, with episode 3. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, please watch it before continuing the review, as I will be spoiling a few things. With that out of the way, let’s get started!


So we begin the episode with Seitarou, another guard, getting advice from Hajime about how to deal with our favorite prisoners. Afterwards, we learn that a new prisoner, Tsukumo, will be joining the inmates in Cell 13. When he gets there, we learn that he is a ninja, which greatly impresses Nico, Uno, and Rock, to Jungo’s dismay. Tsukumo then challenges Jungo to a jail-breaking competition, which Jungo agrees to. They begin their competition, with Jungo ending up doing all the work, but Hajime figures out their plan and catches up to them. Tsukumo tries to use his ninja training to escape, but it ends up backfiring, causing them all to be caught, and Tsukumo being sent to Cell 11. The prison then begins their New Year’s preparations, with all cellmates having to decorate and clean their cells. Hajime must clean the Warden’s headquarters, much to the Warden’s delight and Hajime’s dismay. The episode then ends with the announcement that their will be a New Year’s tournament between all the different buildings, with Cell 13 representing Building 13.


So this episode was decent, but not really all that funny. I mean, their were funny moments, but it is just easy to forget them. We once again see the Warden’s affections for Hajime, and, while it is still unbelievable cute, we have already seen this joke in the last episode, so we already know that she has feelings for him(and is apparently really thirsty). I will say that the pacing of this episode was a lot better than the last episode, as the scenes seemed to flow between each other very easily. I do feel like the show is probably getting more serious, as the announcement of this tournament sounds like a big deal, with each building wanting to win. And while I’m all for this show going into more character depth and developing a really interesting story, it can’t forget that it is also a comedy, and needs to put in some new material for the audience to get a good laugh in.


Overall, this episode wasn’t bad, but I would probably put it on par, if not slightly below, with episode 2. It can still be fun to watch, but I do think the show is taking a more serious turn, so be prepared for character depth, and more than likely major feels. If you want to watch along with me, please go to Crunchyroll. Anyways, please comment below what you guys thought of this episode? What was your favorite moment? Will Jungo stop being mysterious and give us some of his past? We’ll just have to see. Until then, see you later guys!!


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