Anime Updates Announcement

Hi guys. So I’ve been really busy with school lately, so I do apologize for not posting up my reviews very fast. However, I do plan on getting on the new Uta No Prince Sama review out in a couple of days, as well as episode 4 of Nanbaka. As well, I’ll do a quick first impressions on episodes 1 – 3 of Yuri!! on Ice and Kiss Him, Not Me. I’ve been watching both of these series, but I didn’t watch them until both of their episode 2’s had already been out, so I decided to put the episodes for each series together, and then I’ll start doing reviews on each episode afterwards. I also plan on doing a new segment for the blog as well, which I can hopefully get out by the end of the week. There is also another anime I might review, but I’m still not sure, and, even if I do, I’m going to wait for it all to come out before I review it. Anyways, that’s what I hope to get accomplished for this week, and in the future, and I hope you guys enjoy it.


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