Uta No Prince Sama : Maji Love Legend Star Episode 3 Review

Hey, everyone! I’m back with another Uta No Prince Sama review, and, I’m super excited!! I do suggest that you watch the episode before reading the rest of the blog, as I will spoil a few things. With that out of the way, let’s get started.


So we start off with Tokiya and Eiji meeting each other, and bonding quickly over singing and dancing. Eiji invites Tokiya to come to the Raging Entertainment studio to work on their duet project, which Tokiya agrees to. Tokiya then meets up with the rest of STARISH and expresses how he was able to see that Eiji has enormous potential to be an idol. He then begins to go to Raging Studios to practice, and begins to see just how much work and talent HEAVENS is putting into their routines. Articles soon begin to circulate that Tokiya is leaving STARISH, but he tells the other members that they are only rumors. One day, after practicing, Raging Entertainment’s president, Raging Otori, offers Tokiya to come work for him, but Tokiya refuses. He later meets up with STARISH, tells them about Raging’s offer, and expresses how he will do whatever it takes to make become a better idol, even if its means leaving STARISH. The other members reflect on Tokiya’s words, and realize that, with all the time that he spent at Raging Studios, he was able to see how good their competition was, and how he had been taking on the responsibility of working hard, by himself, to keep up with HEAVENS. They then meet up with Tokiya, who tells them about how he wants to become better with STARISH, and that, while they may not have some of the potential that HEAVENS has, they also have potential that HEAVENS does not have. The episode then ends with Tokiya and Eiji agreeing to sing in the future, before they sing their song, Mighty Aura.


Well, this episode was filled with so much drama. I am happy with Eiji as a character, since HEAVENS is not really known for having nice guys in their group. He is definitely the Otoya of the HEAVENS, which makes his pairing with Tokiya even better. As well, both the a cappella and main song sounded great, although I will have to say I enjoyed the a cappella a bit more, probably because it was in English, and it sounded even better after Eiji and Tokiya started turning into angels. My main problem with this episode was Tokiya’s bipolar emotions. One minute he’s telling his bandmates that he would never leave them, then he’s saying he will leave them to further his career, and then he goes back and says that he wants to continue singing with them as a group. I feel like maybe they were supposed to add a scene where Tokiya expresses his guilt for saying what he did to STARISH, while still leaving in that he is just feeling pressured from seeing their competition, but they just show him going back to them, giving them compliments, and then everything is good with the world again. Besides that though, I have to say, the animation was even better than usual this episode. From the lighting to the details of the characters, from eyes to wings, were just absolutely perfect. And this episode was filled with so many yaoi moments, I was squealing the whole time.


So yeah, even with that one problem, I still enjoyed this episode. This season is really bringing back that feel from the first 2 seasons, adding some drama to it, before showing us the beautiful banquet that was created. I will continue to watch this series, and, if you want to follow along, please go to Crunchyroll, and see it for yourself. With that, please comment below about what you thought of this episode, and what moment was your favorite. Whether it be about the music or something that can be taken way out of context. Anyway, thanks everyone, and see you guys next time.


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