Uta No Prince Sama : Maji Love Legend Star Episode 1 Review

Hello, everyone. The Fall season of anime has begun, and with it, so many new anime’s, as well as sequels, are beginning to come out. While there are many good choices to choose from, I happen to be a huge fan of a certain series, called Uta No Prince Sama, and it just so happens that its new season is premiering now. So today, I’m going to talk about the 4th season of Uta No Prince Sama, also known as UtaPri Maji Love Legend Star. Warning, there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the episode yet, please do that before reading any further.


The story takes place right after the events of Season 3, and, after the interruption by HEAVENS, our different male-idol bands, STARISH, QUARTET NIGHT, and HEAVENS, are gathered together to see who will be singing at the big, worldwide sports event, known as Super Star Sports. The judges vote that QUARTET NIGHT should be the band to perform, since HEAVENS did not formally enter the competition and STARISH’S song was not as good as QUARTET NIGHT’s. However, after hearing both STARISH’s and HEAVENS songs, as well as the pleas from the fans, QUARTET NIGHT declines the offer, and suggests instead to have another competition, but only between the 3 bands. The judges agree to think of the proposal and announce the date of when their decision will be announced. When the day arrives, Haruka, our female lead, is waiting for her ride to go to the announcement location, but HEAVENS comes and takes her with them in their car, where they sing a new song, as well as profess their love for her music in different fashions that match their personalities. She is then taken out of the car, by QUARTET NIGHT, into a moving truck, where they also sing their own song, as well as profess their feelings for her. She is then once again taken away, by STARISH, into an airplane, where they also sing their song and profess their love for her. The episode then ends with the judges announcing their approval for the proposal, the band’s declaring why they will win the next competition, and STARISH and Haruka reminiscing about the past.


All in all, I really enjoyed this episode. While the beginning, where all the male characters say Haruka’s name, is very cliché for a reverse harem anime, as well as the part when they are all singing to her, the way they talked and sang actually fit well for all the characters. Throughout the whole episode the characters really fit their archetypes, which is really surprising considering all 18 of them were able to stay in character. As well, the animation looks amazing, from the camera angles, to the coloring, to the movement of each character, which is great considering I was very disappointed with 3rd season’s animation, which looks sloppy and rushed, in comparison. Not to mention the 3rd season had unnecessary CGI, which just looks awful! The songs, which is always a priority in an idol show, were beautiful, catchy, and spectacular. As well, the ending song, Maji Love Legend Star, was enjoyable and featured the entire male cast doing daily activities and in their performance outfits, instead of it showing STARISH’s final performance, like it has in previous seasons. The opening song was also really good, and now I can finally put an Uta No Prince Sama opening song in my favorite intro songs list. As well, the opening, and the episode itself, leaves me convinced that this will be Uta No Prince Sama’s final season, which, with what I’ve seen so far, would be a perfect end for the series.


I really wanted this season to be good, especially after the lackluster performance of the 3rd season, and this episode leaves me with high hopes, and I hope you guys continue watching this series with me. Of course, this review is just my personal opinion, and I want to know what everyone else thought about this episode. Please leave a comment below about what you thought of this episode and I hope to see you guys next time!


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