Nanbaka Episode 2 Review

Hello, everyone! And I’m back for another review on Nanbaka, specifically episode 2. I will be talking about the episode as a whole, and my overall opinions on it, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet, and don’t want to be spoiled, then please go check out the series on Crunchyroll. With that said, let’s get this review started.


We begin the episode with Hajime being called into the warden’s office. After the meeting, we learn that the warden has a crush on Hajime, while Hajime is completely scared by her. We then experience the daily life of the prisoners and the guards, from escaping from their cell to get some sleep to eating delicious food to making furniture. We also learn that Jungo has an unbelievable talent for solving puzzles, which makes sense since he is a master escape artist and hacker. Later on, we learn more about our main group of prisoners, including their nationalities and their ridiculous reasons for escaping past prisons. Hajime then talks about why he considers Jungo to be the most dangerous out of the group, and stating how he is the one prisoner who he trusts the least. As well, we get to meet some of the other guards, but they mostly just get a quick introduction. We then end with our 4 prisoners thinking about if they actually want to escape from Nanba prison, as well as getting quick visuals of them as children, before panning to an inmate that is standing outside their cell with an evil grin.


While this episode was still really funny, I did have a few problems with it. For one, there are one too many cut-away gags. They basically did it whenever someone was getting beat up, usually with a message saying “Please Stand By”, which was funny, but it did get old after the 3rd time. As well, sometimes the transition between the different scenes seemed kind of sloppy, as we would be in the guard room before quickly transitioning to the prisoners mess hall. I understand that this was kind of how the manga was structured, but I feel that, once it switches to anime, they need to find ways to transition between the scenes better. Other than that though, this episode did present a lot of character development for our mischievous prisoners. I especially found their past really interesting, and their reasons for escaping was probably the funniest part of the episode. Also, seeing them as children was just adorable, and also makes me question how they ended up the way they are, and how Jungo was raised in prison. I do hope we get to learn more about the new guards, as the preview for the next episode does show that we will be meeting new prisoners, and the other guards seem really interesting as well, with their own unique personalities. And the warden is the cutest. Just saying.

screenshot-10 Well, while this episode had some problems, I still enjoyed it. Hopefully the next episode will be funnier than this episode, as I still think the 1st episode is the funniest episode so far. So I’m continuing to watch this show, and can’t wait for this coming Tuesday. Again, if you want to watch this along with me, go to Crunchyroll and check it out for yourself. Leave a comment below on what you though of this episode and who your favorite character is so far. Until next time, see you guys!!


2 thoughts on “Nanbaka Episode 2 Review

  1. I dropped this after this episode, not because it wasn’t funny but because it just isn’t my type of show. Repetitive jokes annoy me and the story is moving really slowly because of all the jokes. I do look forward to seeing your thoughts on the next episode.


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