My Top 10 Favorite Anime

Hey, everyone. Do you have an anime that, no matter how much time passes, will always be your favorite. Well, I’ve decided to put together a list of my favorite anime that I’ve seen throughout the years. Now, these are not the best anime’s out there. I can be honest and say that my top 2 anime’s would never be seen on any best anime of all time list. But this is my opinion, and I can’t help what captures my attention and stays in my heart. I will also mention my favorite OP(opening song) and ED(ending song) for each entry. With that said, let’s get started.

10) Free!(Sub)


Favorite OP: Dried Up Youthful Flame by OLDCODEX

Favorite ED: Future Fish by Style Five

Well, no better way to start off a list, then with some good-looking swimmer boys. For those of us, who could see past the vast amounts of fanservice in this show, we were able to see a beautiful anime, that had a pretty good story. While it was definitely a bit overdramatic at some points, I feel like the second season really hit close to home with me, as that was also around the time I was in my freshman year of college, and thinking about my own future. This show is definitely more than just fanservice, and I would recommend this show to anyone who enjoys a good slice of life show, although I do recommend the sub over the dub.

9) Yugioh(Dub)


Favorite OP: Yugioh! Theme

Favorite ED: None

And now we’ve got a classic. This was probably my first anime, and, even if it wasn’t, it still brings me back to a lot of my childhood memories. While it does seem a bit sillier, now that I’m older, I can also now appreciate the show, when it gets into much more darker, adult content. I also grew up with the dub, which is why I do enjoy that one, over the Japanese version. But definitely, if you want to have more dark content and visible guns, check out the subbed version, otherwise, if you are just looking for a good time, the English version of Yugioh is an anime I recommend. Also, a new Yugioh movie is coming out in January 2017, and I am totally hyped.

8) Ouran High School Host Club(Dub)


Favorite Opening: Sakura Kiss(Japanese version)

Favorite ED: Shissou(English version)

Wow, the amount of boys on this list is amazing, and it probably is just going to keep increasing. Ouran High School Host Club is a slice of life, comedy, romance anime that has amazing characters and an interesting story. While the show does its best to make it look like your average reverse harem, this anime is quite possibly the best reverse harem in the entire genre. The characters all work off each other very well, as well as have believable, and touching, backstories that really help fans get to know these characters even better. It is because of this show, along with one other anime that is also on this list, that I was able to get into the anime community.

7) Nanbaka


Favorite OP: Rin! Rin! Hi! Hi! by Hashiguchikanaderiya

Favorite ED: Nanbaka Datsugoku Riron! by Jungo, Uno, Rock, Nico, and Hajime (aka the main cast of the anime)

Now I know that this show just came out, but I’m already in love with this show. I feel that, even if this anime turns out bad in the end, I will still really enjoy it and love it no matter what. It wouldn’t be the first time I would fall in love with a show that ended terribly. The character interactions really sets this show apart from others. These characters are so good with one another that it makes you want to cheer for all of them, whether it be our crazy inmates or the strict, but hilarious guards. As well, the animation style and colors of the show really have me interested to keep watching.

6) Black Butler(Dub and Sub)


Favorite OP: Enamel by SID

Favorite ED: I’m Alive by BECCA

This show makes the viewer think about the darker aspects of human nature, while still being able to throw in some good humor, brilliant characters, and a surprisingly good story. A lot of people I know often brush this anime off as having a poor excuse for story, and mainly being fan service for the ladies. But this series is so much more than that. Everything having to do with the characters, from their designs to their interactions with one another, are just so beautiful that they feel real. And that just makes the story even better, but the best way to see that would be to check it out yourself.

5) Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood(Dub)


Favorite OP: Again by YUI

Favorite ED: Shunkan Sentimental by SCANDAL

Well, this should not be a surprise to most people in the anime community. Full Metal Alchemist is considered one of the best anime’s of all time, and for good reasons. The best part of this show is probably the characters, as I feel that, without them, the story just wouldn’t be as good. The author, as well, did a great job in being able to develop the characters, and intertwine all their stories to connect to each other for a spectacular ending. It was amazing to actually see these characters grow, like we were in their world and being able to experience the same events the characters went through. It is also, in my opinion, a great example for a perfect anime.

4) Junjou Romantica


OP: Innocent Graffiti By FoxTails

ED: Kawaranai Sora by Luck Life

Okay, for this next entry, I’m not going to lie, but this particular genre of anime is not something I would recommend to just anyone. Even for myself, I kind of stumbled into this genre, and I’ve enjoyed every single step since then. The genre I am talking about is called Yaoi, or anime’s that deal with homosexual relationships. The reason I bring this up is because Junjou Romantica is also in this genre. Now, many Yaoi’s are known for having terrible stories and stereotypical characters, but that is what separates this show from the others. The characters are not only likable, but as the story progresses, just like in Fullmetal Alchemist, you begin to feel more for these characters, as they attempt to continue their normal lives, whether it be a college student or a famous author, while having to keep their relationships a secret from most of society. As well, the story can be enjoyable, as the situations they go through are very relatable, no matter what sexuality you are. I highly recommend this show to those with an open mind.

3) Assassination Classroom(Dub and Sub)


OP: Question by 3-nen E-gumi Utatan

ED: Mata Kimi ni Aeru Hi by Shion Miyawaki

And here we have our typical high school anime setting, or is it? Assassination Classroom is not only a hilarious comedy, but is also filled with a lot of drama, which can actually be so sad, you will more than likely cry. And I know what you are thinking after seeing the picture above. How can a show that looks and sounds so ridiculous cause people, me included, to cry? Well, it’s because the characters are the main focus of this show. While the story is also really investing, this is one of the few shows that actually are able to make every single character in a show feel important. Not only that, but the characters, whether good or bad, are so fleshed out, with both their past and motivations, that you do feel truly connected with each character, and can easily remember each character because of it. This is a series that I would recommend to anyone.

2) Gangsta(Dub and Sub)



ED: Yoru no Kuni by Annabel

Now here we are. My top 2 favorite animes. And this choice for number 2 might surprise a lot of people. Mostly because, this show has one of the worst endings I’ve ever seen. But what saves this show for me, is, once again, the characters. Our 2 main male leads are written fantastically. I can’t remember the last time I have even seen characters that felt so real, from the way they talk to their choices, that I feel I could actually meet these guys in real life. Not only that, but the story is just so intriguing that it left me wanting more. Not to mention, these two characters have some of the saddest back stories that I have ever seen. While I definitely recommend reading the manga over the anime, I just can’t hate the anime, because it introduced me to characters that I will never forget.

1) Uta No Prince Sama


OP: Tempest by Mamoru Miyano

ED: Maji Love 2000% by STARISH

And for number 1, I have chosen Uta No Prince Sama. It’s hard to explain why I love this show. The story is average, the characters are enjoyable, but can also be stereotypical, and the animation is good, but nothing that is out of the ordinary. I honestly think I love this series so much because it’s fun. The different situations the characters get into as they strive to reach their dream is fun to watch, and just fills me with happiness. And, while this may be corny, the songs actually make me feel happy from top to bottom. It is because of this show that I have gained a newfound appreciation for music, and my life would have been so much different without it. As well, when I’m having a bad day, this show can help me smile just by watching one episode, with the characters just having fun, and getting into comedic accidents every once in a while. While I know this show isn’t for everyone, I know for a fact that this is my anime.

Well, that’s it everyone. Please comment below of what you thought of this list, and what your favorite anime series are. Thanks again, and I hope to see you guys again soon.


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