Uta No Prince Sama : Maji Love Legend Star Episode 2 Review

Hello, everyone. This is Rare289, with another Uta No Prince Sama review for the Fall 2016 anime season. Today we are going to be talking about the 2nd episode of their 4th season, Maji Love Legend Star. Just like in the last review, this will contain spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the episode yet, please go and watch it before continuing my review.

In this episode, we start off with the announcement that STARISH and HEAVENS will be participating in a duet project, in which one singer, from each band, will be paired with each other, and create a song. This surprises both bands, and they wondered if it will even work out, since both bands have a strong dislike for each other.


With QUARTET NIGHT, we find out the leader of the band, Reiji, has convinced the rest of his group members to live with him, in order to try and build their bond. However, the other 3 band members start to constantly fight with each other, eventually blaming Reiji for all of their problems. Because of this, Reiji becomes extremely upset, telling them they should quit being a band, before leaving the apartment. The other band members believe he was just being emotional, and will return soon, but they soon realize that Reiji actually might not come back. They are later called in by Hyuga, their senior, and told that Reiji had called, not acting like himself, and wanted to end the band. Hyuga then tells them that, while they are each individually talented, they need to focus on being a group, if they truly wanted to learn what it means to be idols. The 3 band members then think about how they had first been brought together, and realize that Reiji was what kept them together, and made them who they are today. They then rush to the beach, where they had first decided to become a group at, find Reiji, and convince him that they will work hard together, and become the best group that they can. The episode then ends with them singing a new song, and a prelude for the next episode, which will feature our first pair for the duet project, Tokiya and Eiji.


This is episode was really enjoyable. I really liked how they were able to change the atmosphere from silly, and funny to serious, and dramatic. This is the kind of slice of life drama I was looking for when this season came out. And, of course, the song for this episode was amazing! Not only did this song really fit with the theme for this episode, it really felt like one of those songs you would listen to when you, and your friends, are on a road trip and want to lighten the mood.

If there was any complaint I had for this episode, it would be that Haruka just didn’t seem necessary in this episode, which is not good since she is the main character. I do, however, like to think this is the show’s way of explaining how Haruka won’t be much of a love interest with QUARTET NIGHT, as she does show more connections with STARISH than any other band. But either way, I do hope she proves to be of more help, or at least have more presence, in future episodes, than just being the pretty girl who writes music for everyone.


Overall, still having a grand, old time with Uta No Prince Sama, and I hope you guys are too. This episode had a lot of funny moments, as well as some serious ones, and I hope we can continue to see more of them as the season continues. Please comment below what your favorite part of this episode was, along with what you hope to see from this season. Hope to see you guys soon. And remember, BANANA’S ARE PERFECT! If you watched the episode, you will totally get that reference. But just in case here’s a link to explain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNfnc9kFXuQ&list=LLyJj0dyooRr0vrFxQtcs-dQ&index=5)


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